Amazon Fire TV rooting guides updated and revamped

I have been meaning to revamp my main rooting starters guide that walks you through the steps of rooting all the different software versions of the different Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models. Since I needed to update it anyway with the new rooting information for the Fire TV Edition televisions, I spent a couple of days redoing the whole thing. The new rooting guide is at and covers every known rooting method for each device’s software version.

Unlike the old guide, which was a single page that dynamically changed as you selected your model and software, the new one has separate pages for each section so anyone can link to different parts directly. This also allowed me to enable comments for each section, without it being one massive jumbled discussion that covered all devices and software versions.

This guide generally flows as follows: Select Device > Select Software Version > Select Rooting Method (if more than one is available) > View Rooting Guide > View Custom Recovery & ROM Guides. Just as before, I’ll continuously update the guide as new rooting methods are discovered. Enjoy.

  1. SWKerr says:

    I have been pretty open to rooting my devices in the past but I have failed to find a reason to do this to my Fire TVs. I would actually like to root my Fire8 Tablets but I don’t find an significant advantage to doing it for my Fire TVs. I can side load Kodi and a few other apps without issue. And…I can get the Icon for the side load apps on the main menu. I actually prefer the Amazon menu for the TVs (unlike the tablets) I also worry about issues with streaming DRM content on a rooted Fire TV.

  2. Adam says:

    I agree that there is not an immediately apparent, jump-out-at-you reason to root the FireTV/Stick. The attraction for me is the increased control over a device that I paid for, as opposed to one I merely rent like a cable box.

    With my rooted FireTV/Stick, I get to decide when, or if, its upgraded. So I was recently able to stop updates while Amazon solved whatever bug they needed to to not interfere with my SPMC screen refresh switching.

    I get to add, delete, or modify files as I choose to. Even if it breaks the device. And I alone am responsible for the benefit or consequence of such decisions. So if I want to use an app on my FireTV that is perfectly legal, but Amazon doesn’t approve of, I can do that. I don’t need their permission.

    The FireTV2 is already a near perfect Kodi/SPMC box. If I choose to, and that is my priority, I can keep it so in perpetuity regardless of what Amazon does in the future. They can’t, like Sony did, spontaneously remove abilities that were present on the device when it was purchased or, like Garadget did, completely remove all functionality of the device on a whim. (Google it if you’re not concerned enough about actually owning devices you pay for)

    In short, rooting allows me to own the device I purchased. Its not something I paid for the privilege of using how they literally permit me to use it. I am a customer, not a subject.

    • Nate says:

      I was ready to reply with the very same sentiments, but Adam, you have perfectly summed up my thoughts on the issue!

    • JoeB says:

      Well said…Also if anyone wanted a secondary reason to root then check out the “Mother of all mods” for the Rooted FireTV/Stick at the XDA forum. I’m waiting for Elias to create a “For Dummies” guide for it before I would attempt it :D

  3. Matthew says:

    Thank you for all your hard work Mr. Saba. I’ve followed quite a few (now defunct) ‘mod’ scenes and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much hard work and dedication as you’ve put forth.

  4. Gerard Pinzone says:

    Sideloading AdAway blocks adds on the FireTV YouTube channel (mostly). Can’t do that without root. There used to be more reasons to have a rooted FireTV in order to get things to work with sideloaded apps. It was also nice to install XPosed to do things like block the Amazon adbar. Unfortunatley, those XPosed modules have not been updated in a while.

  5. mItch says:

    I root so I can use an external 4 TB hard drive and load all my DVD content on it. It connects through USB because I DETEST streaming and clogging up my network. I do connect to the drive through FTP to upload new content once in a while.

  6. sTeVie McFirestick says:

    yeah, what he said…!

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