Amazon Fire TV Remote Firmware updated to v351


Amazon is starting to push out a firmware update to the Fire TV Remote. Big thanks to Aaron for tipping us off on our Facebook page. The remote firmware is being updated from version 349 to version 351. Amazon isn’t big on releasing change logs, so we’ll likely never know what changes this update brings. We’re unsure if the update blocking methods we’ve discussed in the past will also block remote updates, but it might be a good idea to disable those blocks for the time being in order to ensure this remote update gets through. 


To see if you’ve received the update, head to the “Settings” menu on your Fire TV. Scroll right to “Controllers”, then select “Amazon Fire TV Remotes”. Scroll up to your paired remote and if you’ve received the update, you’ll see a message in the lower right saying: “A software update is available. Press SELECT to being installing.” Be sure your remote has good batteries and is within 10 feet of the Fire TV before applying the update.

firetvscreenshot_20140702-072259 firetvscreenshot_20140702-072324 firetvscreenshot_20140702-072529 firetvscreenshot_20140702-072545 firetvscreenshot_20140702-072604

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  1. Teddy says:

    just ran update went through perfectly without having to disable the block thank you for the heads up

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