Amazon Fire TV Remote app released for iPhone and iPad


The Amazon Fire TV Remote app has been released for the iPhone and iPad. The app is virtually identical to the Android version released in conjunction with the Fire TV Stick launch in November. It is compatible with both the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, and allows you to perform all the functionality of a voice remote. Additionally, it serves as an alternative to the onscreen keyboard, letting you enter text much quickly than with the physical remote controls.

  1. BradH says:

    odd, it’s not coming up in the app store.. at least not on my phone…

  2. Rico says:

    Not showing up in IOS App Store yet.

  3. Mike A says:

    Use the link on the page. You can’t search it but it is out and works great!

    Amazon Fire TV Remote by AMZN Mobile LLC

    • Alabn says:

      You can search. Try a voice search and you will see a search box come up. Then pick the keyboard icon. You can search.

  4. CWY says:

    Funny. I downloaded the app, fired it up and only my fire TV stick registers. My two rooted Fire TV boxes don’t appear to show. I wonder if it’s because they are rooted or because of the firmware I’m using?

  5. Jason says:

    my rooted fire tv won’t show up either. Starting to believe it only works with updated fire tvs.

  6. Theoddbot says:

    The app is currently only available in the US App Store, the UK has to wait once again :P

  7. Bruce says:

    Both of my rooted Fire TVs show up in the app. I haven’t tried controlling the FTVs yet, but works great with my FTV Stick.

  8. Dxxy says:

    My iPhone 6 with pre-rooted FTV couldn’t find the FTV in the app.

  9. OnFire says:

    Not available in German iTunes Store.

  10. Uradox says:

    Does the app work in xbmc too?

  11. NewlyRooted says:

    Guess I’m going to be forced to install the latest rbox preroot fw.

    Thanks for the heads up
    Both sticks appear but not the rooted TV. I’m on 51.1.1 – 220

  12. Spartacus says:

    For which rooted firmware versions is the app working?

    • Bruce says:

      I have the “” firmware on both my Fire TV boxes, and the Remote App is working great from my iPhone 6. I am also running the RboxFireTvMods_1.3.apk HDXposed module — not sure if that affects the Remote App.

  13. shaun says:

    does anyone have a working d/link for this app for IOS?

  14. Teresa Pereira says:


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