Amazon Fire TV Remote App Released for Android

The Amazon Fire TV Remote app is now available on the Amazon Appstore and Google Play Store. The iOS version for iPhone and iPad will be released at a later date. The app can currently only control the Fire TV Stick. Support for the Amazon Fire TV will be available 11/26, according to a note in the apps description. Launching the app on the same network as a Fire TV currently results in a never ending “Searching for Fire TV devices” message. The Fire TV likely needs the upcoming software update to work with the app. All indication is that the app functions just as described in my overview post.

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  1. Y314K says:

    Any chance the source for this app gets release so the app genies can add a trackpad with a mouse pointer to it. Or maybe if they get enough bad reviews for not including it that might get the same result.. lol

  2. Some Person says:

    It might be worth digging up the apk for services which got removed in recent releases, to see if installing it allows the app to work. I suspect they removed it because it didn’t work with the final app, but who knows.

  3. JoeB says:

    Here is a download mirror of the APK v1.0.4.01 incase anyone can’t get it off the Play Store or Amazon Store:

  4. Chahk says:

    From the app’s description: “Support for Amazon Fire TV will be available 11/26” I think we can assume the new FTV update will be rolling out then.

  5. Charlie says:

    The firmware update ( was already pushed today.

    I can confirm it adds

    – Prime Music support
    – Autoplay for Amazon videos (so now it will automatically play the next episode if you’re watching a TV series you own or have on Prime)
    – A dedicated sleep button in the settings

  6. jimberkas says:

    someone on slickdeals verified that the app works fine with Fire TV. Got the “Searching for Fire TV devices” message, rebooted phone, and problem solved

  7. g says:

    Nexus 7 (2013).

    the app is working with my Fire Tv.

    Still no volume control. I think this is the only thing missing on my Fire TV.

  8. JRH says:

    Only compatible with phones … NOT tablets! That stinks!

  9. jason says:

    Should have been launched for IOS first rather then android. No one bought a fire phone and not many own kindle fires so IOS should have been first then android. But considering its an amazon device i can see why it was amazon stuff first. But still to have an app like this delayed for iOS rather then being there from the get go is not good
    And as JRH said YES why was it not released for tablets, iPad and such. They all have MICs or at least iPads do i don’t know about all android tabs.

    • David E says:

      Android still has about 51.5% market share (yes, it has come down) vs. 42.4% for iOS. Firephone is irrelevant. But to be honest, it would have been nice if they had released apps for both platforms from the start.

      The Android app is not working for me, even though I just updated the ROM to rbox’s latest pre-rooted ROM firmware for the primary purpose of being able to use the FireTV remote with my box. (The app description says it should work with version 1.4.1, which I took as of the firmware.

      • AFTVnews says:

        Try restarting your phone.

        • David E says:

          I did, and I also checked my router settings and made sure I am not filtering multicast traffic, as per the instructions, and I am not.

          • David E says:

            I think I may have found the problem in reading the reviews in Play Store. Someone says it doesn’t work if the FireTV box is wired. I had to connect using my ethernet port (using powerline networking) to get rid of buffering on Netflix. Unfortunately, my ethernet cable is in the box so tight, I would break it pulling it out to test this.

      • David E says:

        I am going to partially take back what I said about market share, because the Android app requires 4.0 or higher. So by the time you figure out what market share Android 4.0 or higher is, jason may be right about iOS being a somewhat higher priority. But it needs both, definitely!

  10. Scott says:

    I’m looking for something that will give mouse function to the fire tv stick. Or is there a way to use my old Logitech Revue keyboard/mouse with the fire stick. Or any other alternative keyboard/mouse combo. Any luck?-

  11. KC says:

    Is it true that the Amazon store app must be installed and running on an Android phone before the Fire TV remote app will work? I had everything working and then uninstalled the Amazon store app, then the TV remote app stopped working with a message that the store app was required. That’s bad, requiring the store app, which I don’t need or want at all!

  12. Chris says:

    does this work with the Fire TV Box? It only seems to pick up my Fire TV Stick and there is no mention of the box on their website.

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