Amazon Fire TV receives, then promptly loses, its first Adult Rated app

A few days ago, an app by the name of Girls, Girls, Girls! was added to the Fire TV appstore. It was, to my knowledge, the first Adult rated app to be approved for the Fire TV. As far as adult content is concerned, this app is quite mild. I didn’t purchase the $2.99 app to know for sure, but the description seems to indicate it is just a slideshow of “hot models in bikinis.” Within a couple days of its release, the app was removed from the Fire TV appstore, but remains available in Amazon’s Android appstore for smartphones and tablets. Even though you can no longer install it onto Fire TV devices, the app is still listed as being compatible with the game controller and Fire TV voice remote. A relic of its former approved status.

The lack of adult apps on the Fire TV is a fairly solid indication on its own that Amazon is deliberately keeping adult content out of the Fire TV’s appstore, but this app’s momentary approval and prompt removal confirms the assumption. Amazon’s reasoning for keeping the Fire TV appstore family friendly may not be as righteous as you may think. Amazon is currently in a court battle with Fyre TV, a porn streaming device suing Amazon over trademark infingement. Keeping adult content off of the Fire TV no doubt strengthens Amazon’s defence that general consumers cannot reasonably mistake the Fire TV for the similarly named porn streaming device. The question arises: Will the end of this court battle result in a flood of adult rated Fire TV apps? It’s highly unlikely.

  1. CK says:

    well hbo go does stream soft core porn already via their approve app for the fire tv

  2. Scott says:

    You can buy cracked/back doored fire sticks that have been loaded with tons of porn! I have seen them selling for between 75-150 each!

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