Amazon Fire TV Recast will be up to $60 off during Black Friday

Amazon revealed a few more of their upcoming Black Friday deals. You can see the full list of known deals here, but the most significant news is that both models of the Fire TV Recast will be on sale during Black Friday.

The smaller 500GB Fire TV Recast will be $179.99. That’s a savings of $50 off the regular price of $229.99. This is the 2-tuner model that allows you to record 2 channels at once, watch 2 channels live at once, or watch 1 live channel and record another at once. The 500GB model can store about 75 hours of HD video. You can also use it to watch 2 recordings while recording 2 channels, all at the same time.

The larger 1TB Fire TV Recast will be $219.99. That’s a savings of $60 off the regular price of $279.99, so you’re saving a bit more if you buy the better device. This is the 4-tuner model that allows you to record 4 channels at once. You can still only watch 2 live channels at once, but you can use the other 2 tuners to simultaneously record 2 more channels. If you’re watching 2 recordings, which is still the limit, you can be recording 4 live channels at once. The 1TB model can store about 150 hours of HD video.

Amazon has not said when the Fire TV Recast will go on sale. All we know for sure is that its sale will start between November 16-23. All of the other Fire TV device sales are starting on November 18, so there’s a pretty good chance that the Fire TV Recast sales will start that date as well.


Amazon has told me that the Fire TV Recast sale will indeed start on November 18th.

We also don’t know if the Fire TV Recast (500GB) + Fire TV Stick 4K bundle, which also includes an HD antenna, will be on sale. At $249.99, that bundle currently costs $30 less than buying just the Fire TV Recast and Fire TV Stick 4K separately. Since the Fire TV Stick 4K will be $34.99 during Black Friday, and the Recast will be $179.99, adding those together and subtracting $30 means there’s a chance the bundle will be $184.97.

I’ll be tracking everything around the clock and posting as soon as anything goes on sale. You can receive email notifications when I post by subscribing to notifications.

  1. Brian says:

    So, those of us who purchased it yesterday are paying extra to have it for like 9 days? This is why I never buy stuff when it first comes out. This was my first such purchase and my last.

    • Hugh Dinwiddie says:

      Brian, I hope we can go back to Amazon and simply say we’re going to return it if they don’t offer the lower price as it’s within the return window. Of course, you could do it anyway, by ordering one at the reduced price and sending back the one we got yesterday.

      • Brian says:

        It really just annoys me, because I almost did not order it BECAUSE BFriday was right around the corner and I thought it might go on sale. But, then I told myself, why would they put it on sale 9 days after it comes out? So… I talked myself into buying it, lol.

        • Jim Mills says:

          Me too! i cannot understand why Amazon would do this as it will anger customers. i called them this morning and they refunded me the $50 difference calling it a “Good Will” refund. It took me expressing my frustration in no uncertain terms!

    • Me says:

      Come on, never buy anything before black friday sales are announced…

  2. Charlie says:

    I keep replaying a post from a someone when I realized my new Stick 4K I pre-ordered would soon be on sale. Never pay full price. I’ve wanted a second Stick 4K and I’m almost impatient enough to pay full price, but not quite.

    The recast would be a lot more interesting to me if I didn’t already own a Stream+, though I suspect the recast is a better setup. That said, I’m not a fan of the fire TV program guide.

  3. bajjohn says:

    “Watch and record live TV everywhere,” but not on my FireTV Stick? Explain this to me, Elias.

  4. Bill says:

    What are the chances of a 1TB Fire TV Recast + Fire TV 4K bundle any time soon?

  5. Mark B says:

    I don’t understand. Why with the 4 tuner model can you only watch 2 live channels at once? That’s really odd.

  6. hn333 says:

    People still watch OTA tv? Weird

    • Len Mullen says:

      I tell people EVERYONE should put up an antenna. In the case of am emergency where internet or premium provider are unavailable, broadcast television provides entertainment and information. That is why I bought an antenna. Having an antenna gives one leverage in dealing with a premium provider — “Just take it out. I have an antenna and will get internet access from [competitor].” Then there are the ‘diginets’. Some of the best programming on television is only available OTA.

    • Tom says:

      It’s free. That’s a big selling point.

      Most of my TV watching is Netflix, HBO and local channels that I record with a DVR, but I currently have a cable subscription for this. Strongly leaning towards getting a Recast next week then canceling cable and getting HBO Now and Hulu to fill some gaps, but that will still be far cheaper than continuing to pay for cable. Sick of every cable provider constantly raising the rate every month by a couple dollars. People love to bash Comcast for this, but I’ve found it’s the same with most of them. I’m on Frontier now and they do it.

  7. Roger says:

    I ordered the 4-tuner model when it was first announced in September. Then, this morning I read they were reducing the price Sunday by $60! A few minutes later I was notified they were about to ship. Argh! So I will be in chat Sunday arguing the Amazon 7-day low price guarantee should apply since delivery to me isn’t supposed to take place until next week.

    • Len Mullen says:

      refuse the shipment and order again. of a* doesn’t want to take care of the early adopters, the early adopters should make sure a* has plenty of open box units to steeply discount.

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