Amazon Fire TV Recast is on sale for $189.99 — Now supports external USB storage

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Amazon has put the Fire TV Recast on sale for $189.99 as part of their huge Spring Sale on devices. That saves you $40 off of the regular price for the 500GB model that comes with 2 tuners. You can spend a bit more and get the 1TB Fire TV Recast on sale for $229.99 which includes 4 tuners. The Fire TV Recast now supports external USB storage, so the internal capacity isn’t as important as it once was, but I’d still spring for the higher-end model so that you get the ability to record 4 channels at once and not have to worry nearly as much about recording conflicts.

  1. charles says:

    I hope they can fix the issue where a show you are viewing stops playing when a new show starts recording. I’ve reported it to Amazon, they said they fixed it with the latest update but the issue continues.

  2. dlarry says:

    I’m holding on to my 4-tuner Recast with the hope a software update will allow for lossless streaming. I’d gladly give up simultaneous streams for the option to watch the raw MPEG-2 file like the 16-year old technology of my Windows Media Center allows.

    Releasing a product that serves a lossy compressed image in the era of 4K screens is hard to understand. Sure, if number of simultaneous streams is an issue compression may be necessary, but multiple streams may only be important for marketing, not in practice. If I’m putting the best equipment in my home, my focus is on quality, not quantity.

    For now I use the recast as a backup, but rely on my trusty Windows Media Center Edition for live and recorded OTA. It would be nice to have the same quality integrated into the Fire TV experience.

    • Zeric says:

      I’m with you on that and it’s the main reason I haven’t purchased a recast. 720p would be understandable in 2006, but not now. I have a HDHomerun device and use a PC based NVR, but I like the simplicity of having a easy to use appliance that does both functions.

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