Amazon Fire TV Recast is on sale for $129.99 — Lowest Price Ever for Prime Day

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Amazon has put the Fire TV Recast on sale for $129.99 as an early Prime Day 2020 deal for Prime members. This is the lowest price that the 500GB Recast with 2-tuners has ever been. Also on sale, as you’d expect, is the 1TB 4-tuner model for $179.99. That is also the lowest price the higher capacity Fire TV Recast has ever been. If you’ve been holding out for the best deal on a Fire TV Recast, here is your chance. Don’t expect this price to drop any lower on actual Prime Day, which is Oct. 13-14. Amazon never lowers an early bird deal even further when the main event rolls around. The Fire TV Recast allows you to watch over-the-air antenna channels for free through any Fire TV, Fire TV Edition television/soundbar, Echo Show, Fire Tablet, and mobile phone.

  1. Nate says:

    I’m honestly tempted to pick one up just simply for testing. I’ve always been in the Tablo DVR camp for OTA broadcasts, but this deal seems way too good to pass up. Anyone with experience in both platforms willing to comment with which you think is best for your needs?

    • Jeff Ferguson says:

      Me Too! The AMZ Device though does not have automatic commercial skip as the Tablo does. On the other hand, the AMZ Device is fully integrated with Fire-TV. It remains to be seen how the full 4K recordings and the coming if the new interactive ASTC 3.0 OTA Transmission will play-ou on both of them.

    • hdmkv says:

      What stops me from jumping on this deal, even at this nice price, are the 720p rez for watching live TV/recordings, lack of support for any devices other than Fire TV, and the inability to pull the full rez stored recordings (other than having to physically remove the hard drive, decipher what’s what, pull multiple files, and join).

      • Justme says:

        I totally agree, but the 720p instead of 1080p or 1080i issues are that to my knowledge converting from 1080i to 1080p would yield a video that that is inferior to 720p. I think but I very much could be wrong is that broadcast TV is limited to 1080i. I fully agree that limiting access to amazon devices is unreasonable I mostly moved to Nvidia Shield devices because as far as I’m concerned very device after FireTv box V2 has been a step backward. If Amazon simply just resigned the next version with 16gb memory ,4k processing , and the new remote to support volume control would be a winning product (I just don’t ever use the voice commands so that doesn’t matter to me.) If I were to purchase one of these devices I would install Hard drive extension cables to extract the video files, if I were savvy enough it would be cool if it would be able to daisy chain a device that you access remotely access the files so you wouldn’t need to remove the Hard Drive. this sounds like a good project for a computer on a card or maybe a Raspberry Pi. Just a thought a device that would power up then would power off the recast connect to the internal hard drive and pull the data off to different storage or better yet to server, just doesn’t seem like it would be very complex. to have the server automatically extract the video files and commercials would be a super bonus. You could manually remove commercials now. Just a few ideas that are way beyond my my abilities.

        • hdmkv says:

          I use a HDHomeRun Duo OTA and pay $35/year for SiliconDust’s DVR service (as much as I hate subs). Probably will stick with this solution until ATSC 3.0 choices are available. With HDHR, you can use the Live Channels app on Android (which also integrates Pluto TV and Xumo TV), the Unofficial HDHomeRun DVR PVR Client with Kodi, and the native HDHR app on iOS.

  2. Garth Manter says:

    I really would like a device like that and would even have bought one if it wasn’t on sale
    But the frequency is not suitable for European only for the Americans

  3. anthony anthony says:

    what does this things do?

    • Garth Manter says:

      In sort it allows you to stream your DTV to yours fire tv devices and mobile devices minimising cables throughout your house…
      FYI it does not work for users outside the US but if you know of a buddy that has one just ask him for his login…

      • Wingnutt says:

        Anthony Anthony, it receives free over-the-air (O.T.A.) digital television broadcasts (D.T.V.) like free O.T.A. F.M. and or A.M. radio, or free high definition F.M.( It’s available with two(500GB) or four(1TB) channel use. 2 monitors can be run off of each device. If recast is recording one stream on the 500GB, only the present recording and an addition stream (channel surfing) can be viewed. Or with the 1TB recast two live viewings, or two recordings being viewed. The 1TB recast allows watching two live streams at any time on different monitors while two recordings are taking place. Maximum of two live streams at any time and four streams recorded at once with no live streams accept for the present recordings.

  4. Charlie says:

    My understanding is that 1080i and 720P are equivalent. TV 1.0 does not broadcast in 1080P. I use the HDHomerun and their DVR software. At 129.99 I am tempted, though I have seen a review video from a reliable YouTube account claiming he could see the difference in the quality after the Recast transcoded the picture to 720P. I really wonder about that.I have the older generation tuner and am holding out for the TV 3.0 tuner from Silicondust, though it’s well overdo. ATSC 3.0 will bring 1080P. I wonder what the potential to upgrade the Recast to higher resolutions in the future is.

    • Charlie says:

      I might be wrong about the 1080P. I just checked the specs of my HDHomerun Connect tuner and it records at 1080P “when available” if that means anything.

      I attempted twice to contact device Amazon support to see it is possible the Recast will output 1080P in the future, when TV 3.0 is more prevalent and in both cases they had not heard of the Recast. Amazing and irritating! I did not waste my time with either.

      • Charlie says:

        Not to belabor the issue, but HDHomerun support confirmed to me that 1080P is theoretically possible with their current tuners but the ATSC 1.0 standard only includes 720p and 1080i.

  5. Anthony Rossetti says:

    it’s riddled with bugs, if you plan on using this with an echo show my advice is don’t buy it
    i have had a ticked open for over a year now i got the recast and show 5 on prime day when the echo show 5 launched , Alexa is not able to tune to more than half the channels i ask her to on the show 5
    yet if i ask her to tune to those exact same channels from my echo dots (3rd gen) which are paired to my 4k fire sticks , it works no problem
    almost a year and a half and they still can’t work out the bug
    i got the 2 devices so i could do two things
    1) ask alexa to show me the local new channels ,which does not work on the show 5 but works from my 3 echo dot 3rd gens and 3 4k fire tv sticks

    and 2) show me my front porch wyze cam
    number two just stopped working today but not just from the show 5 but from all my echo devices
    and only for my wyze v2, she still pulls up my wyze cam pan on all devices
    also i am missing the person detection announcement settings for the v2 cam in the alexa app but not for the wyze cam pan
    Amazon is getting almost as bad as Google now

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