Amazon Fire TV Recast DVR is on sale for $189.99 for 500GB and $229.99 for 1TB — Now with External Storage Support

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Amazon has just put the Fire TV Recast on sale. This sale is likely in correlation with the Recast’s newly added support for external hard drive expansion. The 500GB Fire TV Recast is sale for $189.99, which is a savings of $40, and the 1TB Fire TV Recast is on sale for $229.99, which is $50 off of its regular price. Both of these prices are just $10 higher than the lowest price that each model has ever been. Now that the Fire TV Recast supports external storage through its USB port, the 500 GB model may seem like the better choice, but keep in mind that the 500GB model has 2 tuners, while the 1TB model has 4 tuners. The number of tuners determines how many channels can be recorded at once.

  1. demo says:

    If I had a recast at one location, can I view it on my firetv at another location? both locations and recast are signed in/registered under the same account.

    I know you can view live channels and recordings on the go with the firetv app. but it’s not clear if it will work when two firetv devices are at two different locations. Thanks.

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, you can’t view recordings or live channels through a Fire TV that is not on the same network as the Recast. You’re right that the mobile Fire TV app can view content when you’re away from home.

    • Al says:

      Good Question! No really sure, but you can always cast it to the tv from your FIRE TV TABLET with FIRE TV APP. I have a FIRE TV RECAST but I haven’t tried to watch one of my FIRE TV STICKS at a different location. Maybe on my next vacation. You can try out It’s an app and has EVERYTHING!

  2. sosh says:

    Can the Recast stream to the Amazon Prime Video app running on a Roku, or does the target device have to be Amazon hardware?

    • AFTVnews says:

      It does not currently support streaming to other streaming media players, like Roku. You can watch through Fire TVs, Echo Shows, and any Android or iOS phone or tablet.

  3. Silly name says:

    Assuming you have enough upload bandwidth, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work if you VPN into your home network.

  4. Russell says:

    Don’t forget to mention that you need internet for it to work

    • AFTVnews says:

      That’s not true. While you probably need internet access to get the Recast set up, you can still watch live channels and recordings without an internet connection.

  5. Ian S says:

    > …while the 1TB model has 4 tuners. The number of tuners determines how many channels can be recorded at once.

    There are reviews on Amazon indicating that the 4 tuner only allows you to view 2 and record 2. Even if you are watching one of the channels being recorded.

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