Amazon Fire TV Recast allows you to watch and rewind active recordings

One of the most common questions I’ve seen asked about the Fire TV Recast is whether or not it’s possible to start watching a show that is actively being recorded before it has finished recording. While it might seem like a simple task, many DVRs don’t allow the option. Thankfully, the Fire TV Recast is not one of those DVRs. It does allow you to watch an active recording, either live or from the beginning, without affecting the recording in any way.

When you select to watch a program that is actively being recorded, the message you see above appears, asking if you want to watch live or watch from the beginning. No matter which option you select, you’ll be able to fast forward and rewind within the recording as much as you want with no adverse effects to the final recorded file. This is an important capability for a DVR to have because it lets you jump around a program and skip commercials without needing to wait for show to finish airing.

While watching the already recorded portion of a program that is actively being recorded, a “REC” label appears in the upper left when the track bar is displayed. This lets you know that the program has not ended and is still being recorded. The track bar itself will be partially bold to indicate how much of the program has already been recorded. The playback position can be moved anywhere within the bold part of the track bar. To move around, you can either press right to skip ahead by 30 seconds or left to skip back 10 seconds. You can also press the fast forward or rewind buttons on the remote to move around faster at 3 available speeds.

  1. MICHAEL MC says:

    I want one. The question is, do I get it now or wait who knows how long for a sale?

    • Tim S says:

      Channel Master has the Stream+ on sale now for $99 … It does the same exact thing ,,, records OTA channels

      • Ben says:

        The Stream + is a great device, but not the same at all. The Stream + is a DVR for one TV, to which it is connected by HDMI. One and only one. The Recast hooks up to your antenna (indoor or out, either one). You can then watch your LIVE Broadcast channels on any TV in the house, with a Fire Stick. And of course, watch your recordings on any TV as well.

      • Ben says:

        Another difference, is that the Stream + has no internal memory, so you need to buy an External Hard Drive in order to record programs. Whereas the Recast has 500 GB internal storage on the 2-Tuner model, One Terabyte internal storage on the 4-tuner.

  2. hdmkv says:

    CNET is reporting the 500GB Recast will be $180 for Black Friday.

  3. todd says:

    i’d definitely buy this if I got any OTA signals at all.

  4. Malcolm Serabian says:

    Has anyone been able to get Alexa to play their dvr’d media on recast? When I say the phrase that’s supposed to work “Alexa play good morning America” on my dvr. Alexa always tries to open abc and play gma on that… anyone get this work properly

  5. Doug says:

    Can I plug this into my attic antenna? Trying to avoid rewiring the house. I know the attic antenna works upstairs and works with WatchAir (WIFI).

  6. Bob Bandy says:

    My recast does work this way if I want to start watching the recording before it is finished. But if I take a break and hit pause, when I come back it won’t let me resume where I left off. Instead it seems to be skipping ahead to where live TV is at. Very puzzling!

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