Amazon Fire TV passes 50 million monthly active users

Amazon has shared with me that Fire TV now has more than 50 million monthly active users. That number is up by 10 million users from the 40 million figure that was shared less than a year ago in January of this year. This indicates that Fire TV has remained ahead of Roku when it comes to which platform has the most active users. Roku reported last month that they now have 46 million active users.

Amazon often touts the Fire TV as the “#1 streaming media player family” but doesn’t make a habit of regularly revealing the numbers to back up that claim. This latest figure of 50 million active users seems like a direct response to Rokus figures from last month.

An “active user,” for both companies, is counted as an account that has used their device once in the last 30 days. This does not indicate how many total active Fire TV or Roku devices exist in the wild, which neither company has shared figures for.

  1. JEFF T says:

    Can anyone tell me when the 4K firestick that’s going to be the 2020 version comes out?

  2. Leonard Cardenas says:

    That’s great, can you tell me when they will allow the Spectrum app? This would be a great and would allow me to get rid of their boxes (which they charge a monthly rental) for 4 tv’s.

  3. StickMan says:

    The Spectrum App will sideload but it still will not work. As soon as you try to use the app it will say not authorized for this device. There is a legal work around however. Launch Silk or whatever browser you use on your Fire TV device and go to after you login the site will assume you are on an android mobile device and try to send you to download the app instead at the top of the screen click the small tv looking icon in the header this is to “Go to Desktop Site”. from here you are golden with one caveat it’s designed for a touch screen so you need to either have air mouse installed use a keyboard with a touchpad to navigate. If you don’t have either you can hold the center button down on the remote and while still holding the center button press the direction ring to grab and drag the screen in the direction you want to scroll. It works but can be frustrating at times. You can go into settings and create a startup channel. I would suggest doing this on a computer first and setting up your favorite channels so the will show up first in the guide. Then once you launch a channel it will show up in your recents and navigation will easier. The favorites are global across all devices but recents are unique to each device. I have been looking for this solution for some time and credit goes to a YouTube video I watched sorry i don’t have the link handy. Hope this helps

    • Leonard Cardenas says:

      Thank you I will try that. I do Airbnb in 3 bedrooms in my home and trying to explain that to each guest would be a nightmare but your ideas about setting up a launch channel would do the trick.

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