Amazon Fire TV on sale for $79 at Best Buy and Staples [Expired]

Best Buy and Staples have just put the Amazon Fire TV on sale for $79. That’s just $5 more than their $74 Black Friday price. In the past when Best Buy and Staples offered the Fire TV for $84, Amazon was always quick to match their price. The Fire TV is still $99 at Amazon but check back in a few hours if you prefer buying it directly from Amazon. Also worth noting is the coupon code 72239 which gets you $10 off a $100 purchase at Staples. You could, for example, add the Fire Game Controller to your order and get it and the Fire TV for a total of $109.

  1. mike says:

    Any word on the stock, if it is older firmware or newer firmware? (Rootable?)

    • jason says:

      It will vary and i had 2 from staples 1 was rootable the other updated upon boot up so couldn’t do anything to it

      • mike says:

        I was lucky then, I guess. It DID try to update on boot, but I followed the AMAZING tutorials step by step from here ( and was able to get it up ‘n running and avoid that first update. I DID in fact have that issue with an updated recovery that wouldn’t let let you downgrade, but it DID let me reflash the recovery to the older version, and now i’ve got it fully rooted, partially unlocked, and on the latest (as of yesterday at least) software. I pm disabled the updating and will be giving this to my parents, and their router doesn’t have the update URLs blocked, so hopefully the pm method is sufficient and it won’t try to update.

  2. Joe says:

    Got my Fire TV today from Staples. Unfortunately it came with unrootable software. I had the three web addresses blocked and it would not let me get to the registration screen. I had to let it update the software one time to to get to the registration screen before I blocked the three addresses again.
    My question is should I let it keep updating to the latest firmware or keep it where it is?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I would keep it where it is if the updates don’t contain features you really want. If becomes rootable, you will still be able to downgrade and install ClockworkMod and Custom Roms. All versions after are not downgradable even if they get rooted in the future, so you won’t be able to use the current methods to install ClockworkMod and Custom Roms.

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