Amazon Fire TV on sale for $69.99 and Gaming Edition for $109.99 at Best Buy [Expired]


Best Buy currently has the Amazon Fire TV on sale for $69.99 and the Fire TV Gaming Edition on sale for $109.99. That matches the Prime Day prices and is the lowest either device has ever been. Additionally, if you pay with Visa Checkout, you’ll receive $10 off those sale prices, which would make this the cheapest you have ever been able to buy the Fire TV.

  1. Mr. Pat says:

    Out of curiosity, when/how does the $10 off using Visa Checkout go into effect?

  2. Ross says:

    Is there any indication this is some sort of stock clearing sale for a pending new version? The price is obviously good but if a third gen version is going to come out in September or something I might prefer to wait. any thoughts? Or is it all just speculation at this point regarding a third generation?

    • Tony says:

      Yes something new is likely coming according to speculation of Amazon india report by Elias. But no idea if it is going to be firetv3 box or firetv2 stick…
      But this price is still great to save $30 if you plan to buy 2 or more firetv devices for more rooms in your house.

  3. pharmernate says:

    FYI, just bought a gaming edition and it was a very old OS, so was able to root with zero issues. Of course, YMMV.

  4. Ailyn says:

    Damn, missed the sale.

  5. BH14 says:

    I already have 2 old fire tvs (version 1) and just purchased fire tv (version 2) for $69.99 – $15 best buy reward bucks. I installed kodi and netflix app. With netflix app, the interface is all buggy and messed up images. The show plays fine though. This never happened with my other fire tvs. I uninstalled it, installed it again and still messed up. Not sure if it is device issue or app issue. Other apps work fine.

    • BH14 says:

      Issue resolved. I just moved my new fire tv (version 2) to the living room connected to router and moved my old fire tv (version 1) to the bedroom using wifi and everything is working fine with netflix now. Still don’t know what caused the issue because everything else was working fine with wifi but the netflix user interface.

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