Amazon Fire TV on sale for $49.99 and Fire TV Stick on sale for $29.99

Just after Amazon’s Prime-only sale for the new Amazon Fire TV Cube came to an end, they’ve put the older Fire TV devices on sale as part of their Father’s Day Sale. If you’re not interested in the Cube’s universal remote or hands-free Alexa capabilities, you can get the Amazon Fire TV (pendant) on sale for $49.99. The Fire TV shares the same video playback capabilities as the Fire TV Cube, which includes 4K @ 60 FPS and HDR support. The key spec differences are 8GB of storage for the Fire TV, versus 16GB for the Cube, and no expandable storage support for the Fire TV, whereas the Cube will support USB drives for app storage. If you don’t need 4K or HDR, then the Fire TV Stick on sale at $29.99 is still a great choice. Both of these Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick sales are just $5 more than the lowest price these devices have ever been.

  1. beq says:

    Hmm I already bought more at full price (impatient). Does Amazon easily price match recent purchases when there’s a sale?

    • Erin says:

      Not anymore, no. I suppose it doesn’t hurt to call and ask, they stopped doing it at least 18 months ago. Maybe you’ll get lucky or if you’re a big Prime customer they’ll toss a $5 credit on your account.

  2. Steve Lofman says:

    Bought the Stick @$29. Very good value. Will use in the back room with the Slingbox app and casual watching Amazon shows/movies and for traveling.

  3. AFTV Fan says:

    What are the dimensions of the Cube? Is it a scaled up FTV3? Like stacking 5 or 6 of the pendants on top of each other.

  4. Charlie says:

    2nd gen FTV refurbished back in stock 6/24 for 84.99. Glad to see these are still available. When you buy these it’s pretty much impossible to tell they are not brand new.

  5. Charlie says:

    Feeling left out, because I cancelled my pre-order, I just ordered FTV3 and the Amazon Ethernet adapter. In an earlier post I suggested that buying these two and already owning an Echo get’s me most of the way to a Cube. I’m not all that interested in all the new handsfree control. Streaming will be identical and the only thing I feel like I’m missing out on is the extra storage capacity.

    I have a FTV2 and can use another FTV.

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