Amazon Fire TV mod allows Voice Search within Kodi

Developer is0-mick has created a working proof of concept which uses the Fire TV’s voice capabilities to perform a voice search within Kodi. The mod requires a rooted Fire TV to work and is not inteded to be used in practice at its current development stage. That’s because, among other reasons, the mod completely disables the Fire TV’s default home interface, and relies on kodi being used as the only front-end app. It does this because it needs to replace the Fire TV’s default launcher with a dummy app of the same name in order to intercept the voice search results. We’re likely not going to see a mod which simply adds voice search capabilities into Kodi, while maintaining all other Fire TV functionality, anytime soon, but this mod is a fantastic first step to a feature request that Fire TV owners have been requesting since the device first launched.

Despite numerous enhancements through various software updates, the Fire TV’s voice capabilities are still limited to the default home interface. Fire TV owners have long yearned for the ability to use voice dictation within third-party apps in place of the onscreen keyboard. The Apple TV, in comparison, will be gaining voice dictation, which can be used for any text field including passwords, in its upcoming 9.2 software update. With any luck, this proof of concept, combined with the Apple TV beating them to the punch, will encourage Amazon to add universal voice dictation to the Fire TV.

  1. cdlenfert says:

    Nice, I was thinking the same thing. Apple adding it is going to be the best motivator for Amazon to add voice dictation too. I’d guess that if the main OS supports dictation, it would be much easier to utilize it through Kodi at that point without a root and home screen app swap.

  2. 2WhlWzrd says:

    There is someone on the Kodi forum doing this as an addition to Alexa skills.

  3. Justin says:

    Yeah, amazon needs to step up and make voice search more useful and search more than amazon. Alexa is nice but she should automate fire tv content instead of just providing Echo style functions.

  4. Justin says:

    We should at least be able to say “Play Man in the High Castle” and have it start playing instead of going to a search page.

  5. Lo says:

    Its sad that devs have to mod this device to be able to do these things when these features seems like something to should have been system wide by now. Up to today amazon promised that netflix would have voice search like 3 months after the release of the fire tv and we still have nothing now. Roku and Apple both have system wide searching when using the voice search.

  6. Fer says:

    This is one of the reasons why I switched from AFTV to Nvidia Shield TV.

  7. Harvey says:

    Huh? Voice search doesn’t work within KODI (I’m on version 16.1) on Nvidia Shield TV either with the remote or controller.

  8. Nick says:

    I want to Know how to do this can u send me a link with info ik it’s not ready yet but I would like to try and do it my self

  9. Bass Master says:

    Where are the instructions on how to do this?

    I think a lot of people would like to know

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