Amazon Fire TV is the closest Amazon device to selling out — Get your orders in soon [Expired]


The Amazon Fire TV, at it’s all time low price of $69.99 for Prime Day, is currently the closest to selling out of all Amazon devices on sale today. Currently, 39% of the main Fire TV bundle has been claimed. The Fire TV HD Antenna Bundle, being just $10 more at $79.99, is the closest of all Amazon device deals to selling out. That deal is currently 65% claimed. The Amazon devices second closest to selling out are the Amazon Echo, on sale for $129.99, and Fire TV Stick, on sale for $24.99, at 38% claimed.

Overall, it seems Amazon has greatly increased the allocated stock for Prime Day deals this year compared to last year. Despite most Amazon hardware deals being as good as, and in some cases, like with the Fire TV, better than last year’s deals, all devices have remained in stock at least into the morning. Last year, both the Amazon Echo and Fire TV Stick sold out within an hour of their sales going live. I expect the Fire TV to sell out before the day is done, so be sure to get your orders in soon.


7/12 9:43am The Fire TV HD Antenna Bundle is now sold out, as is the Alexa exclusive $129.99 Fire HD 10. You can still get the Fire HD 10 Tablet for $149.99 through It appears that Amazon has been changing the stock allotted to different devices throughout the day because the claim percentages have moved down significantly for some products. The Fire TV deal is now down to 18% claimed while the Fire TV Stick claimed percentage continues to climb and is at 47% right now.

  1. DeanR1977 says:

    The fire Tv box is £54.99 & the fire stick is only £19.99 in the UK today!!!! What a deal

  2. anjenaire says:

    I tried to use Alexa to purchase the Fire TV and “she” kept giving me the to different Stick devices but no Fire TV and certainly not the $10 off for using Alexa. Not really needing another Fire TV but thought I would upgrade on set to the newer device if I could get it for $59. Not sure it is worth it for $69 and definitely not sure I would bother with purchasing an item through Alexa if it can’t handle this transaction.

  3. Nate says:

    I’ve been screwed outta this deal… I added it to cart and was browsing other things.. I got busy a bit at work. I came back to buy it and it had went to $99.99. I’m thinking, “I’ll just go re-add it to cart from the lightning deal still going on. NOPE! Once you’ve added it and time expired you can no longer get the discount price even with all of the ones they still have in stock.


  4. AJ says:

    can I order a FIre TV stick through the Echo and get $10 off?

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