Amazon Fire TV has the Fastest Growing TV App Selection

Along with the announcement of Gamefly’s new cloud gaming app arriving exclusively on the Fire TV, Amazon has issued a press release boasting the recent growth of the Fire TV’s app selection. Amazon claims the “Fire TV has the fastest growing [app] selection of any streaming media device.” They brag that the Fire TV “has added over 600 channels, apps and games” in the last 3 months and that the “selection has grown 127% in just the last 6 months.” My independent tracking, shown in the interactive chart above, seems to indicate that those figures are a tiny bit exaggerated, but Amazon may be counting total new apps and not deducting apps that have since been removed from the appstore for one reason or another. Regardless of the exact figures, the Fire TV definitely has the best selection of apps and games for the TV and is well on it’s way to the 2,000 app milestone.static-app-chrat-1676

  1. chris says:

    Their figures will continue to grow smaller til they upgrade to Android 4.4, cause they have already lost several deault apps that now require Android 4.4. Go back and track the number of default Fire TV apps that are no longer defaut Fire TV apps and I guarantee the the main reason is because they started requiring Android 4.4. The Fire TV is gonna be dead in the water if they do not upgrade to at least 4.4 soon. I love the Fire TV, but an upgrade to Android 4.4 should have already happened. Thy can’t brag about default Fire TV app growth at the same time they are losing default apps based on outdated software. It is clear that amazon has made the Fire TV their number one device. They have promoted it ten times more than any other device they have, so it seems strange to me that they are lagging behind in terms of software. every other device they make has been upgraded to newer versions of Android, so it seems crazy that the Fire TV hasn’t been upgraded yet. I am conffident that they will eventually upgrade, cause they are outstanding at giving software updates, but it really is mindboggleing that the Fire TV has not been running Android 4.4 for at east the past couple months. The upgrade to 4.4 is at least a couple months behind and I don’t think any logical person can deny that. This is not me putting them down because I need the latest software, because I still run Android 4.2 on my Galaxy Note and Android 4.1 on my tablet and its totally fine. This is me being dumbfounded by Amazon letting their flagship device get left behind instead of staying on top in terms of app functionality. All companies treat their flagship device(s) differently than their other devices when it comes to upgrading the software but i feel like the is a disconnect with Amazon and the way they upgrade their flagship device. The Fire TV should be ahead of the curve not rounding the curve. Amazon may just be the best company I have experienced in terms of android software updates, but in terms of android upgrades its one of the worst. At Amazon, give us Android 4.4 or simply bow out of the Android set top box competition, cause you cannot win running Android 4.2.2. The Fire TV in three months compared to every other Android box will be like comparing a Cutlass to a Rolls Royce if its not upgraded to Android 4.4+.

  2. Justin says:

    The app selection seems to be better than android tv and I hope the trend continues.

    Are there apps for fire tv that stopped being available for fire tv due to not being on android 4.4? I understand side loading not working as well but is there a big impact for the average user?

  3. Jimmy says:

    Yes there is a big impact. Lets use Crackle as an example. Lets say Crackle starts requiring Android 4.4 to install their app, that means It will no longer be a native Fire TV app. If you wanna use Crackle after that your only optins are to either quit using it or to use an older version of the app. There is a solution to these problems and that is for Amazon t upgrade to Android 4.4+, cause there are a lot of apps that now require at least Android 4.4, and the list of apps that require Android 4.4+ is growing everyday.

  4. Justin says:

    I was a little confused by what Chris meant by default apps and the phrasing of native apps made more sense to me. Those are the apps you load on the Fire TV directly from amazon as opposed to sideloaded apps.

    With that said can either of you list any apps that were native/default and that we already lost? I’m just curious as to how urgent it is that amazon update their android version. Of course even if many apps weren’t lost it’s important to stay ahead of things and not wait until tons of apps are incompatible to update.

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