Amazon Fire TV Game Controller Software updated to v66


Packaged within the latest Amazon Fire TV software update was an update for the Fire TV Voice Remote, but it wasn’t the only peripheral to receive some attention. The Amazon Fire TV Game Controller has received its first update, taking it from v65 to v66. As always, Amazon has provided no information about this update, other than the fact that it exists. Follow my remote and controller software guide to learn how to install the new update.

  1. z says:

    I always thought if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. So far the remote to me work as I need it. Would really like to know what it updates.

    Just wanted to add I always come here for any info on firetv. I didn’t know it went back on sale until I seen it was posted on here. Thank you, I have been Waiting to get my 3rd one… 2 rooted and I’m taking a chance but would be great to have this 3rd one able to root to.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you’re finding the site useful. When you buy a Fire TV (or anything) through one of my links it helps keep the site going, so thank you for that. You’ll be happy to hear that someone in another post commented that he received his newly ordered Fire TV from Amazon today and it came with a rootable firmware, so it looks like Amazon hasn’t gotten around to pre-updating their Fire TV stock.

  2. 718 says:

    Hey, Just wanted say thanks to you for all your hard work and research to help out the AFTV community. I check your site just about everyday to see whats going on in AFTVNEWS. Thanks again and keep up the great work.

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