Amazon Fire TV Game Controller is $34.99 with new promo code — Lowest Price Ever [Expired]


You can currently buy the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller for $34.99 if you use promo code SAVE15 at checkout. This is the new lowest price that Amazon’s 2nd-gen game controller has ever been. This is only the second time Amazon’s official game controller has ever dropping below its regular price of $49.99, so act fast if you’ve been waiting for this very rare occasion. Amazon’s Fire TV Game Controller is compatible with all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models, both 1st and 2nd generation devices. The only caveat is that the built-in headphone jack only works with the Fire TV 2, but all other features, including the Alexa voice mic, work with all Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models. While there are many game controllers that work with Fire TV devices, nothing beats the perfect compatibility you get with the official game controller from Amazon.

  1. James says:

    Hey. Could you test if these are compatible with Android tv devices? I have a fire tv, but am looking for something that is compatible with all of my Android boxes (Shield tv, MI Box and Fire tv (2nd gen)).

    • smoth says:

      these use wifi (not bluetooth) to connect so they won’t work on anything but the fire tvs and sticks

      • James says:

        Ah, I didn’t realize that the controller uses wifi direct. The Shield uses wifi direct too, and is able to pair with the 2nd Gen fire tv remote.

        I guess my question has changed a bit, but can anyone confirm if the controller pairs as a Shield accessory on the Shield TV?

  2. smoth says:

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for these to go on sale forever! Fyi, if you add two to a single order it will only take $15 off, but you can use the code twice with two seperate orders to get $15 off each controller.

  3. BoomSchtick says:

    Hmm… too bad I can’t get Staples to price match this (out of stock online). I have some rewards I’d happily burn on this.

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