Amazon Fire TV gains the option to disable HDMI CEC in new software update

The new software version for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick comes with a new option to disable HDMI CEC. For those unfamiliar with HDMI CEC, it’s a feature that allows the Fire TV and the television to communicate over their HDMI connection. The functionality available through HDMI CEC on the Fire TV is dependant on the capabilities of the television. For example, some TVs will automatically switch to the Fire TVs input when you press any button on the Fire TV remote. Some let you control the Fire TV using the TV’s remote control. For some people, these features are an annoyance, so it’s nice to see Amazon has added the option to turn HDMI CEC off. The new option is located in the “Display & Sounds” menu in the “Settings” section.

  1. Keith says:

    This will come in handy for some people. Not only is it useful when youve got more than one device but turning it off might solve some glitches brought on by older TVs with poor CEC support.

  2. Graham says:

    There’s actually more to this than just disabling CEC.

    Previous versions would only send the CEC signal to wake the TV/switch input if the Fire TV had gone to sleep. If the box was still awake, the input would have to be manually changed. Now, the signal is sent every time home is pressed, sleep or not. This makes it far more reliable and predictable for those in the household that don’t care for pressing extra buttons to switch the input.

    A very neat new feature :-)

    • Ujn Hunter says:

      Ah… makes sense… guess this is why I didn’t realize that it was “On” before by default, as I never “sleep” my Fire TV Stick. I’ll be turning this feature off now though as I’ve already got my Harmony Smart Hub doing all the heavy lifting of TV inputs for me. :)

  3. gdroid666 says:

    CEC is great but n my 2014 sony bravia i can not get home or menu buttons to work ,i forget if they work on my yamaha receiver or not ,not sure if it is a fire stick side limitation or a limitation of the TV or control device

  4. militarybooks says:

    We can’t get ANY sound from Fire stick, period. It is defaulting to HDMI-CEC, my TV is on HDMI 1, and DVR is HDMI 2.

    But no matter what we cycle through on our tuner–no volume, period.

  5. Sean O'Brien says:

    I have logitech smart control device. My harmony remote was not working with the fire stick 2. I turn HDMI CEC in the setting on fire stick and now my harmony remote acts faster. I was losing conation with my harmony remote. Logitech says on the site for support to turn this off I didnt know it was on until I went into setting and turn this off.

    • Tim Hunter says:

      So are you saying that a setting on the Fire TV Stick 2 is causing connection issues with your Harmony Remote Hub? My Hub seems to turn Red all the time, so I have it hooked up to a remote switch that cycles the power for me when I need to. Are you saying Fire TV Stick 2 causes this? Or you just lose connection with the Fire TV Stick 2 itself and not the Harmony Remote Hub? Can you link to the Logitech support site that mentions this? Thanks.

  6. Ty says:

    I have a amazon fire stick no remote and new wifi ? I don’t know my old wifi details or I would change the settings to get it back up and running.. I can use the cec function on my tv but then when I press a button I just hear clicks from my amazon stick.. i have a bush smart tv and if anyone could help it would be much appreciated

  7. Arnold Greer says:

    My fire stick randomly turns on TV and streams YouTube. Always at night. I stayed up reading late. TV came on two times. Raises hell with data usage!

  8. jeri castellanos says:

    i have my fire stick on my Samsung TV running through my Samsung Blu-ray player with home theatre. I love it….except, when i turn back to ‘TV’, in 30 minutes, my fire stick turns itself ON again. i can be watching a show on tv or taped on my DVR and every 30 minutes, my fire stick comes on…..BY ITSELF. no one has touched it to ‘wake it up’. Any ideas?

    • Debra White says:

      Mine is doing the same thing. I tried to modify the cec settings on the firestick and now my tv remote wont work at all even after turning cec back on. How do i fix this?

    • Robbie Sturgill says:

      My fire tv and fire stick in 2 separate rooms just started forcing my tv to switch inputs as you mentioned about every 30 mins to the fire tv both tv’s are Samsung. i have turned off cec for now but i really liked that function? what has changed

  9. Vivian Logan says:

    I have a Panasonic TV which is my HDMI 1 and my Amazon Fire TV is HDMI 3. Every now and then my TV cable goes off and my Amazon Fire TV comes on by itself. What is causing this? Is it possible someone is hijacking it from the outside?

  10. Linda Robinett says:

    I found my TV being mysteriously being turned on. I hope that by disabling this feature, that this does not happen again

    • Vivian Logan says:

      Linda, I had read where someone did as you said but now cannot change the HDMI/CEC setting back on again. Do you know if that is true? That is what is stopping me from turning mine off.

      • Linda Robinett says:

        I was able to toggle mine on and off. I left it off because I don’t want my TV to turn on. I use a remote control for that. I think this feature is for people who want to turn their TV on and off with their Amazon Fire remote.

      • Ken says:

        I can’t get mine to turn back on .my firestick is dead in the water

  11. Ken says:

    How do u turn it back on ? I shut mine off by off by mistake

    • Linda Robinett says:

      I was able to toggle mine between off and on by going to the same place where I turned it off.

      • Ken says:

        I wasn’t able to toggle. Once I shut it off, my TV remote quit working with the firestick. I had to go to the playstore, down load the remote app on my phone, then I was able to toggle. Thanks for the reply Linda. Had to do all of this because my batteries were dead in my firestick remote. Lesson learned

        • Linda Robinett says:

          Certainly everything worked like normal on the Fire TV (I assume a Firestick would be the same) I just did not want my TV on and wasting power.

  12. Brian says:

    Question: When my TV is on HDMI1, which is our Dish tuner, if we don’t touch any remotes or change the channel for about 10 minutes, the TV will automatically switch to HDMI2, which is our FireTV port and specifically, to the Netflix app on the FireTV. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions on how to stop this from happening?

    • Linda Robinett says:

      Mine was not the same setup but was changing to Netflix and turning the TV on. I turned off the settings that cause this which is the HDMI CEC. I think the software has a bug in it and Amazon has not corrected it yet.

    • Vivian Logan says:

      I have experienced the same. I noticed that if I log out of Netflix, it doesn’t go on by itself. Some people were saying to disable the HDMI CEC, but from what I’m hearing from others then they can’t use their TV remote. Therefore I am at a standstill and just log out of Netflix.

    • Susan says:

      Yes!! That is exactly what ours is doing! We will be watching our Directv, and then within 30 minutes it changes to Netflix, like as if I touched the “input” button, which we did not.

  13. Branny says:

    My dad called me over to fix his tv today and I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Maybe someone on here can help me out?!? He has the fire tv, yesterday he turned the tv off with the normal tv remote. This morning he went to trun it back on and the tv remotes (origional & cox) will not work to power the tv on. The only remote that will power the tv on is the Fire Tv remote. Any idea why it would randomly do this? Or maybe how I can fix it? He’s not the most tech savvy. Any help would be appreciated! TIA!

  14. Sandy Scott says:

    What I have tried, if all else fails, replace batteries, unplug, reboot or restart Fire TV. I’ve noticed that simply restarting Fire TV often solves a lot of my issues. I have two of these devices and invariably there’s always something that comes up. That seems to help a lot of issues.

  15. Steve says:

    I have a Toshiba Firestick 50″. I have it hooked up to a cable box. How can I get this TV to just turn on and not go to the home screen and have to re-enter the input/

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