Amazon Fire TV gains new Notification Center with new interface update


The new Fire TV interface, which is currently rolling out to 2nd-gen devices and later to 1st-gen devices, brings with it a new “Notification Center” in the settings section. In addition to Fire OS using the new notification center to notify you of things like pending app updates, individual apps can now also trigger notifications, which will show up in the notification center. This is essentially equivalent to the notification drawer one would pull down from the top of an Android phone or tablet.


When a notification is present in the notification center, a small bell icon will appear in the upper corner of the Setting option in the main navigation menu on the Fire TV’s home screen. The notification center is intended for non-urgent notifications from apps and Fire OS. App developers still have the option to pop-up a heads-up notification, which appears in the lower right corner on top of the main interface, but the new notification center now gives the option for less intrusive alerts.


The new notification center can be found at the front of the new Settings screen in the new interface. A number in the upper right of the notification center icon will indicate how many notifications are present.


Notifications will be listed in the notification center in a horizontal list. The newest notification will appear first. Each notification will indicate the time and date at which it arrived. Notifications of app updates will come from the Fire TV’s appstore app. These will be stacked together into one notification if there are multiple app updates available.


Opening an app update notification will list the apps with updates available. You’ll then have the option to update the app immediately or dismiss the update. App developers will be able to add their own custom action buttons within notifications.


You can disable notifications on an app-by-app basis under a new Settings option in Preferences > Notification Settings > App Notifications. So if an app is producing too many unwanted notifications, you can disable just that one app’s notification privileges. Enabling the Do Not Interrupt option will disable the previously mentioned heads-up notifications, but will not disable notification center notifications. Any heads-up notification that you do not manually dismiss when it first pop-up will be stored in the notification center as well.

  1. Mitch says:

    I like this change, it was always hard to find when apps needed updates

  2. Ryan says:

    Settings on the home screen is definitely a good addition.

  3. xnamkcor says:

    This means I’m one step closer to being able to use my DisplayLink adapter and get HDMI out from one of my USB ports on my FireTV. Maybe.

  4. Mike G. says:

    Interesting…I was able to update one of my Fire Sticks, but not the other. Any ideas as to why that is?

    • Dan says:

      likewise….. one of my 2nd gen fire TV’s auto updated a couple of days ago and the other insists it’s up to date

  5. Alberto says:

    Yeah same here my amazon fire stick auto updated and the other ones have not.. been trying to force update but nothing

  6. Alex says:

    Did fire TV already recieve update for 60fps viewing? Mainly for live sports. I read somewhere that an update would address live sports being choppy running at 30fps.

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