Amazon Fire TV gains additional 3rd-party game controller support — Here’s the full list

Now that Fire OS 5 has arrived on all Fire TV models, and I’ve taken an initial look at the changes it brings on the surface, I’ve been digging deeper into the guts of the update. One thing I’ve found is Amazon has increased the number of 3rd-party game controllers that the Fire TV recognizes. There are dozens of different USB and bluetooth controllers that work with the Fire TV, but most of them don’t have dedicated key layout files in the Fire TV’s operating system. Fire OS 5 comes with around double the key layout files as Fire OS 3, with new support for controllers from Razer, Logitech, Mad Catz, and more.

Key layout files are what tell Fire OS how to map each button on a given controller. Not having a key layout file present for a controller model doesn’t mean the controller won’t work. It just means the Fire TV will have to use a generic key layout, which sometimes results in buttons not being mapped correctly, as seen in my recent review of the new Nyko Cygnus game controller.

Since I haven’t tried all of these controllers myself, I can’t say they’ll work perfectly with the Fire TV, but theoretically, if Amazon felt they deserved their own dedicated key layout file in the OS, then they’re probably good candidates for 3rd-party Fire TV game controllers. Please leave comments below if you have experience using any of these controllers with the Fire TV.

Here are the controllers which gained dedicated key layout files in Fire OS 5:

Here are the controllers that were already supported from Fire OS 3:

  1. deepasadish says:

    It is very easy to add additional controller support by adding keylayout.kl files (even without root). This works great for GameStop GS controller V2 (red samurai). We can easily replicate all keys of the original fire tv remote/controller.

    BTW, is there any way to simulate mouse movements via a similar technique? Currently we need tincore app to simulate mouse (which requires root). Thanks.

    • William says:

      Do you have the keylayout.kl for the red samurai? And how do you apply it

    • Riddlr says:

      How did you create a KL file for the Samurai? When I do dmesg on it I get all zeros for vendor…

    • deepasadish says:

      Not sure how to attach file here.

      Here is the search order for the .kl files:

      For example, on “G” mode, the controller is identified as “GS gamepad”.

      So create, “GS_gamepad.kl” in /system/usr/keylayout/ or /data/system/devices/keylayout/.

      To map start button as HOME, you would do:
      key 315 HOME

      Like this you can map whatever you want. Let me know if you need any other info.

      For “K” mode, you would create “GS_controller.kl”.

      Yes, you can have both for flexibility.

      The only thing I couldn’t do was mouse movements.

      • Riddlr says:

        Great, thx deepasadish, Can you please paste the contents of your GS_gamepad.kl file as a forum post?

        • deepasadish says:

          Mine is an exact copy of Generic.kl that is already present in the fire tv, with the “play” and “stop” shaped buttons in the middle of the controller mapped to HOME and MENU. Those are the only two modifications I made.
          Will try to paste the full file (it is big though) when i get home in the evening.

  2. walkabouts says:

    Nintendo Wii Remote was supported on Fire OS 3, but from my experience no longer works since the Fire OS 5 update.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yeah, this is the list of key layout files in the OS, but that doesn’t ensure the controllers will work. I feel like the Fire OS 3 list was just added to cover bases, whereas the Fire OS 5 additions were more deliberate.

      For example, Fire OS 3 always had a PS3 controller file, but as anyone who has tried to use a PS3 controller with the Fire TV knows, it doesn’t connect without using 3rd-party apps to link the two up.

      • Sconnyuk says:

        How do you link your ps3 controller up wireless ? I tried sixaxis and it dont work, i have to have droidmote server running on firetv2 (with google services running in background) droidmote client/sixaxis on mobile phone to use my ps3 controller. Bit of a nightmare to setup to use but no other way.

      • Jon says:

        What’s the best way to get the Ouya controller to work like it did on OS 3?

  3. Nick says:

    I am using Philips universal remote for my Samsung TV and i can also control aftv stick with same remote without any additional setup….i am not using any aftv remote any more. Just putting it here incase anyone wants to try it….

  4. Roger says:

    Xbox One when?

  5. Matthew says:

    I think the support differs between the FireTV generation 1 and FireTV generation 2. I plugged in my Xbox 360 controller dongle and tried the controller on my FireTV2 a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t work. I later found documentation on Amazon’s site that they were working to add support for the Xbox 360 controller yet for FireTV 2.

  6. James says:

    I have the Xiaomi Gamepad (
    and it used to work just fine, but since the 5.0.5 update the “Overview” and “Back” button are broken. It’s quite unfortunate because now I need both the remote and gamepad to navigate.

    So could I just create a KL file and it would work again on system level?

    • sylvio says:

      I have the same problem with the Xiaomi Gamepad. The “Home” and “back” button changed their functions.

      • Daniel says:

        I am still on the (rooted) Fire-OS 3 Version and I would like to know too, if there is a keylayout File wich can fix this for the Future.

        The xiaomi Controller are very cheap and good!

        But my other question is, how can I activate the rumble (Vibration) and what is about the G-Sensor.
        Does this work on other Controller. Is there any game wich is Supporting this?

        Greetings by Daniel

        • Daniel says:

          Can anybody of you provide me there kl file.

          You can find the *.kl files in “/system/usr/keylayout/”.

          There should be a file called “”.
          You both should be able to pull that file with:
          adb pull /system/usr/keylayout/ DESTINATION_OF_YOUR_CHOISE

          To find out 100% the vendor and product ID of your controlling-devices, just connect your device and start adb shell and put “cat /proc/bus/input/devices” into it.
          There should be the name of the device and the needed informations.
          Then just google: “”
          I found 3 ones, all working great.
          You can also check the inputs. Also it is possible to install “Hacker’s Keyboard” app and you will be able to create your own ki-Files by getting the buttons and write them down in your ki file.

          Greetings by Daniel

  7. elex says:

    I got my ps4 controller hooked up to my firetv 2 for emulators but i get alot of lag/ late button response..what can i do to fix this problem..

  8. xnamkcor says:

    The PS3 Chat Pad connects without any additional programs using the hold Blue button while turning on method.

    Keyboard works. “Touch Pad” mode works as well as I’d expect it to, but when you lift off the cursor just flies somewhere, and I can’t figure out how to “Click”.

  9. Yves says:

    I’ve got myself a SteelSeries Free Mobile Controller, it works great with Fire TV (1st gen) running on

  10. rr says:

    Is the lag on the ps4 controller based on game being used or the actual aftv2 (unrooted, running latest firmware) ?

    Also there is a similar controller to the ps4/ps3 that works without the issue of lag?

  11. Melvis says:

    Anyone had any luck with a Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2? It’s on the list, but mine’s not doing anything.

  12. Rushing says:

    AFTV2 with multiple wireless xbox 360 controllers can only handle up to two at a time. I cannot seem to get the third controller to work. Can anybody else confirm this?

  13. Steve k says:

    I use the Matricom G-Pad XYBA Wireless ($20) on Amazon. I can confirm it works on the 2nd gen Fire TV (must add it as “other device” not as a controller).

    • Steve k says:

      Also forgot to mention. This is better than the original Fire TV controller. It is near the quality and functionality of genuine Microsoft controllers.

  14. Shane says:

    I’m trying to pair my PS3 remote to firestick. What buttons do I press on PS3 remote to enter pairing mode period I’m pressing and holding the PS3 button but the fire stick will not recognize it.

  15. Andrea D Davis says:

    I have a AFTV Stick Gen 2 & have somehow misplaced the remote or the remote that was with it does not work. I have 2 & only one remote. I cannot get the remote I have (with fresh batteries) to pair with either. The one has never been paired & sits & beeps looking for a remote but no matter what I do it will not pair. The other one when I tell it to look for the remote & hold the home button nothing happens. The remote has not been dropped & neither has the fire tv stick. Please help or I have 1 firestick I cannot use at all & one that works somewhat with the remote app on my phone even though the app is crap & the simulated buttons do not show on the screen. I just have to guess where they are.

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