Amazon Fire TV gains a new dedicated Sports hub

Amazon has added a new Sports section to Fire TVs, Fire TV Sticks, and Fire TV Edition televisions for live sports, documentaries, sports commentary, and more. Unlike the recently added Live and Free sections found in the navigation menu, the new Sports section is accessed through an icon in your list of apps and channels. This sports hub serves as an aggregator to pull in and display sports content from your various apps and services in one location for easier browsing.

The Sports section looks and acts like the Fire TV’s main launcher interface. That’s because, unlike other aspects of the Fire TV like News and Prime Video, the new Sports section isn’t a new standalone Amazon app. Instead, it’s simply an extension of the main Fire TV launcher interface. While I wish Amazon provided a way to hide this new Sports section and other icons added by Amazon to the list of apps, there’s no way to uninstall Sports because there is nothing to uninstall.

At the top of the new Sports section is a list of “Featured Sports Apps” which I assume are the apps that are currently integrated with the new section so that the content within those apps can be surfaced. Those apps are currently CBS All Access, CBS Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, Hulu, NBC Sports, NFL, and Sling TV. The new Sports section will likely vary depending on which of these apps you have installed and/or which services you are subscribed to.

Much like other parts of the Fire TV interface, the Sports section consists of various rows of content grouped together by similarities. At the top, like you’d expected, is a row dedicated to Live Sports that are currently airing. Further down are rows dedicated to specific sports, such as NFL, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, and Combat Sports. I expect that, as different sports go in and out of season, these rows will likely change to reflect what’s currently available to watch. There are also rows for upcoming games and sporting events, as well as a row for sports talk shows. It would be nice if this new sports section could be customized, such as being able to reorder the rows, but that’s unfortunately not possible.

  1. bill says:

    will this be available in the UK ?

  2. PeanutButterCups says:

    As always great newsletter & we will find way to hide this bloatware!:)

  3. Susan says:

    I’m using a Firestick 4K, and haven’t seen the new features such as Child Profiles upon waking option, or this new Sports Hub. Are these new features and updates only for the OS 7 and the new 2020 Firesticks recently released? I really hope someone helps me. I’ve been having many issues with the 4K, as well as my daughter who owns several 4ks for a family of 7. The last few months since the new Firesticks arrived, lots of issues between both our households. Thanks in advance, much appreciated.

    • blade_005 says:

      I am on OS6 on all of my four (4) FTV4K devices and have the SPORTS landing page. I believe the Profiles on WAKING requires that you create a Child Profile before you have that option.

      • Susan says:

        Thanks for commenting. I did find the Sports Hub now. But I do have 3 child profiles as a grandma of 5… and still no option to turn off the wake page and not require a pin. My entire family is having issues with our 4Ks. Including mine…that’s 5. Idk what’s going on. My daughter said the tech guy at Target who is selling these right now also, says he’s hearing this a lot. It’s been such an issue I went ahead and bought a new one during Amazons sale. Hoping ours are just getting old, OR, possibly internet issues. We all use Spectrum here. But different routers which wouldn’t really matter. Been too busy to set up a new Firestick, but hoping it’ll help once I can spend the time. Gotta get Downloader and my side loaded apps all set up too, haha!

  4. Charlie_ says:

    Oh boy, more forced apps that suck up the internal storage.

    (It’s not your fault but man does it because a pain to manage storage on one of the 8 GB models)

  5. TechyChris says:

    What purpose does this app serve in of itself? It simply brings me to a list of additional (mostly paid) apps to install? We already have this… it’s called the App Store! I really wish Amazon would invest it’s time into providing more home screen customization for us rather than this silly bloatware. On a side note, my Cubes have been getting a crazy amount of system component updates, literally every single day for the past 2 weeks?

  6. Sean E Brown says:

    Needs more space then anything else

  7. BOBBIE bc says:

    Where is the best place to get help with my firestick

  8. blade_005 says:

    It is not an app, just a landing page for Sports content. If you do have some of those apps installed it does provide one location to quickly get to them all. (ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, etc.) It is not perfect but better than searching through entire APPS page. What Roku and Amazon have always lacked is the ability to create ‘nested folders’ for categories you can customize. (SPORTS for just your installed apps, NEWS for just your ‘go to’ apps, PRIMETIME for your Network apps, STREAMING for your streaming services, MUSIC for any installed apps.) This would allow you to ‘park’ these nested folders on the APP row of Fire TV home page and quickly jump to any of your categories of content.

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