Amazon Fire TV for $74 at Staples [Expired]


Staples currently has the Amazon Fire TV on sale for $84 with free shipping. Using coupon code 86128 knocks another $10 off the price, for a total of $74. That’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen for the Fire TV. The sale is expected to last until September 27th and they are currently still in stock online, but I expect them to go quick since they sold out the last time Staples had the Fire TV on sale for $84. For those interested in rooting, it’s likely the Fire TVs sold by Staples will come with older rootable firmware.

  1. Jay P. says:

    Just to clarify, the deal actually ends September 27th.

    Also, if you search eBay for a coupon code you can actually get a better deal. I got a $25 off $75 purchase for $5 dollars, meaning the FTV was acutally only $64! Not too shabby!

  2. Paul_Aris says:

    Me too. I have a staples rewards account. I found another $25 off there and got it for around $64 with tax.

  3. Mus says:

    Got my ftv from staples on wed. Today I went back for price match. It came with a older root able firmware version

  4. Paul_Aris says:

    Well my amazon fire tv from amazon showed up the other day with the old rootable software and yesterday I got my staples one. I found that one had the old software as well. I decided on this one I would try to update it to the latest rootable version. Bad I idea now I have the latest unrootable version and I can’t root this one. Someon said xbmc can still be loaded. So I was still able to load that at least. The rest will have to wait until someone comes out with a way to root this box.

    • Paul_Aris says:

      For what I am using it for the root does not gain me much. XBMC is the thing that makes the firetv so nice and that can be side loaded without root. I do like having the root in case I want to add a wii remote for the kids or play store which I am working on for my rooted one. But having root is not a deal breaker on this box for me.

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