Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions now available for pre-order starting at $449.99 and ship June 14

Amazon has just revealed pricing, a release date, and additional details about the Fire TV Edition televisions from Element. There will also be versions with Westinghouse branding, but those will likely not be available through Amazon, and instead will be probably be found at Target and/or Best Buy. Apart from the label on the front, models from both brands are identical in every other way and are all manufactured by the same parent company, so it really doesn’t matter which you buy. The 43″ model is $449.99, the 50″ model is $549.99, the 55″ model is $649.99, and the 65″ model is $899.99. All four screen sizes are available to pre-order today and will be released on June 14th. All pre-orders qualify for a free 35 Mile AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna.

Not much has changed, apart from the remote, since these televisions were first revealed at CES earlier this year. Regardless of screen size, they all have the same features and internals. They’re all 4K UHD televisions with a 380 x 2160 native resolution and direct-lit LED backlighting. Ports consist of 4 HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, of which 1 is ARC capable. There is also a combo component/composite set of ports and a coax antenna plug for the built-in over-the-air tuner. As for audio, there is an optical SPDIF port and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Connectivity for the televisions include dual-band dual-antenna 802.11a/b/c/g/n/ac mimo WiFi, as well as a 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet plug. Data ports include 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 USB 2.0 port, and a full-size SD card slot. Up to a 128GB SD card can be used to expand the internal 16GB of storage for app installation, while the USB ports can be used to connect peripherals or USB drives for media access through apps like Kodi and VLC.

Driving the televisions is a 64-bit quad-core MStar T1-938 CPU clocked at 1.1 Ghz and a dual-core Mali-T820 GPU. There is 3GB of internal RAM. The televisions also feature Bluetooth 4.1, which is used to connect the included Alexa voice remote, as well as Bluetooth headphones, game controllers, mice, and keyboards.

The standout feature of these televisions is that they are running Fire OS which gives them full Fire TV functionality without needing an external set-top box or stick. Amazon has added additional capabilities to their operating system to integrate the built-in OTT tuner, as well as the various video inputs, directly into the interface and Alexa capabilities.

When viewing OTT channels through an antenna, they’ll appear on the home screen in the recent row alongside apps and streaming content. There is also a TV guide with 2 weeks worth of data available. You can use the Alexa voice remote to change channels, pause/rewind live TV, and change inputs.

I had a chance to try these televisions first hand at CES and I was impressed by how responsive they were and how well all the various forms of content were integrated together in one interface. If you like your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, you’ll love these TVs because it takes everything great about those devices and steps it up a notch with integrated antenna support.


The original article mentioned Seiki as additional branding. I’ve been informed by the manufacturer’s PR firm that the televisions will not be sold under the Seiki name, just Element and Westinghouse.

  1. Goodhur says:

    Oh I only want the remote. I wish Amazon would release an ir/wifi universal voice remote.

  2. Mike says:

    Other than running the Roku OS (yuck) it seems like the new TCL P series sets are better bargain at this point. They offer HDR, 72 dimming zones etc for $50 less (on the 55″ version, price TBA on other sizes).

  3. Keith says:

    Wonder if these will be available in stores? I’d rather see a live, in person demo plus it’d be an easier sell for the wife.

    • John B says:

      I read somewhere that the Westinghouse branded versions will be at BestBuy, maybe Target. Element branded will be sold on Same hardware.

  4. Jon says:

    I want the remote on my Sony Bravia instead of the horrible IR thing Sony gave me.

    I want nothing to do with these TVs or Fire OS or Alexa.

    Android TV’s built in Chromecasting always pushes it over Fire OS imo.

  5. shwru980r says:

    Is this TV ATSC 3.0 compatible?

  6. countersteer says:

    Does anyone know if you’ll be able to load your Kodi data into the TV via the USB? As well as sideload apps? I would assume you can…

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