Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions by Westinghouse are now available to purchase

The Fire TV Edition televisions by Element have been available to purchase through Amazon for several months, but now you can buy them from other retailers with Westinghouse branding. Micro Center carries the 43″ size for the same $449.99 price that Amazon sells the Element version. HSN is selling the 43″ size for $599.95 and the 55″ size fro $799.95, which is considerably more than Amazon. This is likely because HSN regularly offers sitewide coupons that would reduce the price.

Both the Element and the Westinghouse Fire TV edition televisions are identical in every way. They are both made by the same manufacturer and share the exact same components. The only difference is the name on the outside. Sung Choi, the manufacturer’s VP of marketing, told me at CES earlier this year, where the televisions were revealed for the first time, that they are selling them under multiple brands because certain brands perform better than others at different retailers.

If you’re considering buying a Fire TV Edition television, the only things you should care about when deciding whether to buy the Element or Westinghouse version are: price, waranty, and return policy. Price is likely the most important. Since these TVs are identical in every way, regardless of brand, go with the one that you can get at a lower price.

If the price is the same, then check to see if different retailers are offering any kind of extended warranty. The TVs come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, but some places will extend that for free. HSN, for example, is currently including an extra 1 year protection plan from SquareTrade. If the price and the warranty is the same, choose the retailer that has the best return policy.

Amazon is likely working with other manufacturers to release televisions running their Fire OS software, but for now, there is just one option as far as hardware goes, even though it is being offer under two brand names.

  1. Johnathan Quevedo says:

    I was just wondering if you sell or can update a firestick with the Kodi app already installed? If you can, how much do you charge?

  2. Matt Jones says:

    Kinda off topic but I just learned you can use harmony remotes with the 55 inch element that I bought on prime day. I was unaware of the fact that these televisions come with IR sensors. This makes my purchase SO much better as my wife hated having to switch remotes. This also removes the need for a sideclick remote as well. Just wanted to let you know in case anyone was wondering!

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