Amazon Fire TV devices will soon be able to show live camera feeds

One of the great features unique to the Amazon Echo Show is that it can be used to view live feeds from your home security cameras. That feature won’t be exclusive to the Echo Show for long because Amazon has announced that it will soon be coming to the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions. You will soon be able to say “Alexa, show my [camera name]” to the Fire TV’s voice remote and immediately see a live feed of that camera on your television. Alexa’s ability to view security cameras on the Echo Show has only been available for about a month, but there are already dozens of compatible cameras that work with Alexa, with more manufacturers being added regularly. The most popular Alexa compatible security cameras are from Ring, Arlo, and Nest.

  1. FRANCIS says:

    Anyone know if you can have the fire TV open Netflix via alexa?

  2. gdroid666 says:

    anyone know of a way to make it work with an IP camera app on an old phone?
    also i assume this will require a FW update right?

    • gdroid666 says:

      oh yeah,forgot the obvious question ” You will soon be able to say “Alexa, show my [camera name]” to the Fire TV’s voice remote and immediately see a live feed of that camera on your television”

      but will it work with echo devices?

      they should just make it so you can basically pair a single echo device with a single tv device, so in my bedroom i can pair my dot with my fire tv stick , in the living room i can pair my fire tv stick with my living room dot etc
      or maybe pair 2 echo devices to one tv device so the kitchen and living room echo devices can both operate the living room tv device ,and also still have the voice remote paired at the same time obviously
      and they are going to have to do something about smart home in the same way ,people want to be able to use these in multiple rooms with a single account and not have to use syntax to specify every device ,especially since the dot is out and so cheap now
      like i said before they need to make changes to smart home section where there are 2 fields one for the device name and one for the invocation name
      so 2 different devices be controlled with the same invocation name
      having separate invocation name from the device name and then putting in an option for each smart home device, basically a set of check boxes for all alexa enabled devices in the account with the heading” chose which device this command works on” above

      this way i could add my bedroom TV as one smart device and name it “bedroom tv” and give it the invocation name “TV” then i could only check the box for my bedroom echo dot for it to work on

      then add another device, name it living room TV and choose the invocation name, “TV” then check off only the living room dot for device the command works on

      this way you wouldn’t have to name your devices like bedrooom tv living room tv and use those longer invocation names you could just say TV

      another idea would be to give the AI spatial awareness by either creating a fancy GUI that basically lets you create a simple floor plan of your home and then drag little icons of your echo and alexa enabled devices into the rooms in the floor plan and then also pick icons for your smart home devices and also drag those into the rooms so i could for example drag my bedroom echo dot into the bedroom on the floor plan and then drag any other smart home devices into that room like bedroom lights and the also alexa TV devices letting it know which devices are where it could then know when you are speaking to the bedroom echo so if you just say “tv on” or “lights on” or give fire tv commands it will automatically default to control the device for the room you are in

      of course another more no frills solution could be to do what i already do and have alexa be aware of it, i mean name devices by location, my bedroom dot is named “bedroom echo dot” my bedroom fire tv stick is named “bedroom fire tv stick” and i have a smart home group named “bedroom lights” they could add very simple AI to make it by default control the devices of the room you are in by seeing you are speaking to the bedroom echo so it would look for other devices with the name bedroom in the title so if a non specific command is given like “lights ” or “tv on” it would know to control the devices on the room you are in ,and control the amazon tv device with same location title in the name,speaking to the device “living room echo” would control the device named “living room fire tv” by default unless you specify the name of another room after

  3. Bumbo Diddy says:

    Alexa can fetch specific FireTV channels with a Harmony Hub and Echoes/Dots can be assigned to specific FireTVs for playback control.

    Still no luck associating a smart home device group with a specific Dot to enable “turn on >the< lights." But at this point, how hard is that now that the software is doing defined device associations and localized actions? Just gotta move groups under devices and maybe throw in a copy feature for the lazy.

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