Amazon Fire TV Cube w/ new Alexa Remote is on sale for $59.99 — New Lowest Price Ever!

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The Amazon Fire TV Cube is on sale for $59.99 for Black Friday. This is the new bundle that comes with the new Alexa Voice Remote which now has power, volume, and mute buttons. This price is half off of the regular price of $119.99 and is the new lowest price that the Fire TV Cube with the new remote has ever been. This is a fantastic price and it’s difficult to decide which is the better buy, this Fire TV Cube deal or the Fire TV Stick 4K for $34.99. While the Fire TV Stick 4K is slightly more powerful and supports Dolby Vision, the Fire TV Cube has hands-free voice control, contains IR blasters for universal remote capabilities, comes with an Ethernet adapter, supports external storage better, and more. Both are great devices with their own advantages and you’ll be happy with either one at these fantastic prices. Also on sale is the regular Fire TV Stick for $24.99 and the Fire TV Recast for $179.99.

  1. johanov says:

    Hi Elias

    Do you know if the automatic Video Frame Rate Matching feature will be arriving in the CUBE as well?

    because I have noticed that if I change the GEN3 (pendant) to 24 FPS, the streams in KODI works much smoother than 50FPS,
    but in the CUBE I have an only 50FPS option and the HEVC files, in particular, are very choppy …

  2. BobR says:

    Great price if you need hands-free and Ethernet, possibly storage. I keep hoping the Cube will be noticeably better than the 4K stick for my needs like equipment control, since I bought 2 Cubes at higher prices, but the software is still too flakey. I am getting the 4K stick to compare (needed the new remote anyway). For my needs of 1080p streaming, basic equipment control, Ethernet, and no hands-free voice (it’s in a cabinet) it appears the Cube only helps me with Ethernet vs the stick. As much as I would prefer built-in Ethernet, ironically the Cube’s dongle makes it easier for me to switch to the stick, and I can recover $15 of value from the Cube
    I’m interested in hearing other reasons for the Cube that I may be missing. As always thanks for all the insights.

  3. Erin says:

    B&H has it for $49 today. It’s a pre-order, does not list estimated delivery date. This is with the new remote. The ones with the old remote are oddly full price.

  4. Garrett says:

    I was wanting to upgrade my original Fire TV 1 and wondering if the Cube will be a good choice? I will be using it for Netflix,Hulu,Prime, and streaming my media through Kodi from a hard drive hooked to my router. Also, will the Fire TV Stick 4k be able to stream better than the Cube? Thanks for everyone’s help.

    • BobR says:

      I have the FTV1, 2 Cubes (to replace 1st gen sticks) and just got the 4K stick for the remote for my Cube. While I would prefer a box, I think this 4K stick is a winner and seems better than my Cube. I don’t need hands free Alexa but if you did a Dot might be better anyway. The equipment controls of the Cube are equaled by the stick and streaming seems more reliable (only 1080p in my case). The FTV1 performance is still great, but the stick has the new remote and equipment controls so a real upgrade
      One oddity of the Cube for me which could be due to the hands free Alexa processing is that when I play music on MrMC and then navigate to the Home screen the music stutters. This does not happen with the 4K stick, FTV1 or even my first gen sticks!! So while it is not a critical feature it gives you an idea that the Cube is under powered.
      If I were deciding today, in my case I only needed the 4K stick and Ethernet adapter to replace my first gen sticks. I now have hope that the next Fire TV box might actually be a worthy FTV1 replacement if you can wait it out. If not I can recommend the 4K stick without question for the price, especially Black Friday week’s price

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