Amazon Fire TV Cube software update adds new advanced volume and equipment control options

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is currently receiving a new software update. The updated carries version number and a build value of NS6224/1260. According to the update message (seen above) that appears after the update installs, this update adds the ability to disable automatic volume leveling, as well as a new way for the Fire TV Cube’s universal remote capabilities to scroll through inputs on televisions that don’t support direct input switching.

The focus of this latest Fire TV Cube update seems to be to add additional advanced options for how the device manages audio output volume levels, as well as some new options for advanced equipment control settings. There’s more to this update than the update message informs users about, so I’ll be diving into the volume and equipment control changes in separate posts shortly.

This update also brings the new manual proxy options that were recently added to the Amazon Fire TV 3 (pendant) to the Fire TV Cube. Unfortunately, this update does not yet add frame rate matching to the Fire TV Cube. That feature is still only available on the Fire TV 3.

The new volume options and new equipment control options, which I’ll be posting more details about momentarily, as well as the developer proxy settings, seem to be the only changes brought on by this latest updated. Be sure to comment below if you notice any other features or improvements.


Learn more about the new volume options here and the new equipment control options here.

  1. Floki says:

    Still doesn’t do what the Fire Tv3 does, far from doing what you can do with an Echo Dot and a $15 RM mini 3 is a much better IR blaster. Have several Amazon products, none worse and more disappointing than this one.

    • Claudio Sergiacomo says:

      Yes Floki, I have the same setup and I’m very happy with it… the only thing I hate about the Echo in the TV room is that once I’m watching a TV program, is I have it out loud, the Echo dot can’t hear me even if I scream ALEXAAAAAAA out louder than the sound from the home theater. I had to place the echo dot back behind the speakers and it does improve the Mic reception of my voice but still I have to have my remote on hand to mute the sound and order my commands to Alexa if I have a very loud soundtrack. I don’t know if the cube works much better in the Mic department… do you have any suggestions about the Dot and the mic sensitivity on loud soundtracks in a home theater? The other thing I love most of the RM mini is that besides controlling all my Home Theater equipment I can control my Mini Split A/C as well, all from the same device,.. I have not seen the Cube capable to control devices other than home theater devices.

      • Floki says:

        The Cube really can’t do much when it comes to Alexa, if you wanna listen to music, it will always turn on your TV, for me this renders it useless. It can switch to Antenna input but then it won’t change the channels, moronic. Concerning your specific echo dot question, it’s a known issue, alexa not responding if you play the TV a little bit louder. I find that wall mounting makes it a bit better, basically turning it vertically towards you and away from the tv/sound source.

  2. Randy Reid says:

    This issue only started after this update:
    The photo slide show that auto starts after no activity (mine is set to 5 minutes) starts out fine but then gets very blurry (low res) after the first few pictures and never goes back to high res. I tested to see if this was a line speed issue but the Amazon Photo App can go through my pictures in high res as fast as I can click the next button, so it is not a through put issue.

  3. Aaron Rodriguez says:

    I bought one when they were on special at time of release. Really wish I would have just bought another FireTV Gen 2 instead. The Cube is junk. Super slow now, hangs on most of the apps and needs to be rebooted at least once a week now. Absolutely horrible with Hulu Live TV. I am guessing it is a Cube issue, as HLTV works fine with my FireTV 2 and Sticks, but never ending freezing issues on the Cube.

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