Amazon Fire TV Cube now ships with the new Alexa Voice Remote

Amazon has announced a new Fire TV Stick 4K that comes with an all-new Alexa Voice Remote which includes power, volume, and mute buttons. It’s unfortunate for Amazon Fire TV Cube owners that the new remote wasn’t ready in time for the release of the Fire TV Cube, but, starting today, anyone ordering the Fire TV Cube will receive the new Alexa Voice Remote included for the same price of $119.99.

Now we know why Amazon was running so many aggressive sales on the Fire TV Cube during the past couple of months. They were clearly trying to clear out as much inventory of their original Fire TV Cube package that includes the old remote to make room for the new Fire TV Cube package that includes the new remote. If you purchased a Fire TV Cube within the past 30 days, you should try contacting Amazon’s customer service to see if they would be willing to give you a partial refund on your Fire TV Cube or a discount on the new remote, which is available for $29.99. You can also choose to just return your Fire TV Cube and pre-order the new Fire TV Cube package that includes the new remote.

The new Alexa Voice Remote won’t arrive until October 31st, so all new Fire TV Cube orders also won’t ship until that date. For the Fire TV Cube, the only advantages of the new remote are the new power, volume, and mute buttons. The new remote provides equipment control capabilities to the Fire TV Stick 4K, the 3rd-gen Fire TV, and the 2nd-gen Fire TV Stick, but those exact capabilities are already available with the Fire TV Cube through the IR blasters built into the streaming media player.


Amazon is offering all existing Fire TV Cube owners 50% off the new Alexa Voice Remote. See details here.

  1. Nick McDonald says:

    I’m sorry but this is just BS. I grow increasingly frustrated on a daily basis that my Cube doesn’t have this remote or something similar. Honestly, we should get some kind of credit/discount for pre-existing purchases of the AFTV Cube. Especially, for those that pre-ordered it!

    • Dayton says:

      I am getting a little fed up with how Amazon undercuts its early purchasers. I will no longer be an early purchaser of an Amazon product.

  2. Henrietta Benton says:

    i purchase the fire TV stick 4K 2 weeks ago. Am entitled to this new device? If so how may I take advantage?

  3. Mike says:

    The new “customer as a beta-tester” process is really beginning to wear on people’s nerves. The bigger companies had better start delivering full featured, reliably functioning products soon or customers all over will begin to realize they can just do without until the bugs are all removed. Not EVERYBODY suffers from FOTB or FOMO. (first on the block and fear of missing out)

  4. Andy says:

    Bearing in mind the Cube was recently being sold for 79.99, you’re better off just buying the new remote if you want it, rather than returning it and paying the full price of 119.99. It’s simple math. It does suck though that they didn’t hold off on releasing the Cube until this remote was released. It would have made the Cube a better experience and helped their reviews.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Good point about the sale price + the new remote being less than the new package’s retail price.

      The issue with the Cube’s release is that it fell way behind schedule. It was originally meant to be released alongside the Fire TV 3 for the 2017 Holidays. If that happened, then this new package with the new remote would be coming a year after the Cube’s release and it wouldn’t seem like people who bought the Cube at launch were screwed.

      It absolutely does suck for a slightly better option to come out 5 months after a device is released, but it’s not like Amazon planned to do this intentionally.

  5. Dwayne Cooper says:

    Can the credit from the trade in be used?

  6. Xiaolei says:

    So it doesn’t work with 2nd gen Fire TV?

  7. Shawn Roth says:

    FYI..I contacted Amazon about getting free or discounted remote. I was told to contact them after Oct 31st and they were going to have something for early Fire TV Cube adopters.

    • Stan LaMuth says:

      I contacted them and went round and round with them – no way would they do anything for me . They said “return it- wait and pay full price for the new one” . I asked if they’d sell me the new remote at a reduced price – “no” they said . Really poor customer support . I spoke with 5 different customer service representatives in as many different areas of expertise. I got no satisfaction from them at all . I’ve been an early adopter on all of their products – didn’t seem to matter at all.

      • AdaptDaBuLL says:

        This strategy won’t bode well for them long-term. I’ve also been an early adopter to nearly every one of their smart home devices, but have slowly begun looking to other ecosystems. Customer service is paramount to any purchase, and I’ve npriced a sharp decline in Amazon’s recently. So, I’ll try and see what they’re willing to do for me about this Cube remote, but I was also one of those able to get it at a decent discount, so a return/rebuy would be worse than buying the new remote separate. They should provide some kind of “trade-up” program for a few bucks.

        • AdaptDaBuLL says:


          • AdaptDaBuLL says:

            Okay, so here is what I was able to get:

            Spoke with Amazon (option given to have them call me before finalizing a return of the cube).

            They gave a “50% discount” in the form of a $15 promotional credit that, ironically, can NOT be used towards any preorders (ie; the new remote).

            So, the $15 can be used towards any other purchase that isn’t a preorder, and then I’d pay full price for the preorder (or wait, I suppose).

            I guess I’d have preferred something a bit more elegant, and with less out of pocket, but $15 is better than $30.

  8. Norman Penn says:

    I use my iPhone FireTV app. Problem solved and so far, not misplaced my iPhone.

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