Amazon Fire TV Cube is on sale for $79.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

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The Amazon Fire TV Cube is on sale for $79.99 for Prime Day. At $40 off of the regular price of $119.99, this is the new lowest price that Amazon’s flagship Fire TV has ever been, beating out the last best price by $10. Since none of the Fire TV Sticks are on sale for Prime Day, if you were looking for a good Prime Day deal to upgrade your Fire TV, this is it. The 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube is the most powerful Fire TV that Amazon has ever made, thanks to its 6-core 2.2 GHz processor. It packs in 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage (2x more than the Sticks), 802.11ac WiFi, and includes an Ethernet adapter. This latest Fire TV Cube supports 4K UHD at 60fps, Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10, and Dolby Atmos audio. In addition to being a great streaming device, it doubles as an Echo device thanks to its built-in Alexa smart speaker. While it comes with Amazon’s best Alexa voice remote that can control your TV, soundbar, and AV receiver, there are also IR blasters built into the Cube itself to control your home theater equipment hands-free with voice commands. Whether you plan to use all of the included bells and whistles or not, the Fire TV Cube is a fantastic streaming device that is well worth the purchase or the upgrade to any previous Fire TV at this great price. Internationally, the Fire TV Cube is on sale for £69.99 in the UK, €68.23 in Germany, and CDN$ 99.99 in Canada.

  1. Mjm says:

    What made this even hotter was I got $24 for trading in an ancient Roku 2 plus a bonus $1 GC on top of that.

    • KraziJoe says:

      I can’t get the 20% off for some reason.

    • KraziJoe says:

      It appears that it is not an instant upgrade but I have to ship it back and they appraise it, then I get the 20% off. Last year I got the %off right away and didn’t have to wait to have it appraised.
      This kinda sucks, but maybe I will do it before Black Friday and hope the price is the same.

      • Mjm says:

        Odd. It applied the 20 percent off promo for me instantly.

        • Chen says:

          Interesting. I also tried to trade in a fire TV 2nd box. The 20% promotion wasn’t applied.

          The instruction reads: ”Once your trade-in is complete, a limited time promotional discount towards a new Fire TV Cube or Fire TV Stick 4K, plus a bonus $0.99 Amazon Gift Card will be automatically applied to your account (promotion limit 1 per customer).”

          I assume they would need to appraise it before giving me promotion. I’ll just cancel the trade in. By the time it completes, the prime day deals are over.

  2. Karim Baydoun says:

    Dear Elias, So no deals on the fire stick 4k this prime day ?

  3. clocks says:

    Is the 4k FTV stick not an eligible device for trade in? I only see the non-4k sticks.

  4. Rik Emmet says:

    Amazon is obviously losing money selling the cube at this price. Obviously they are looking to harvest the recording of your conversations to sell you any and everything you might possibly buy.

    • clocks says:

      Similar to why Android OS, a million apps, most webmail and search sites, and other things are free. This is nothing new.

    • neogeo71 says:

      i plan on turning of the alexa on the cube itself and only using it with the remote. it shouldn’t have to be in always listening mode correct?

  5. Unknown Caller says:

    Can anyone confirm if the Android remote app has volume control (+/- buttons) for the 2nd gen Cube? The 1st Gen has this feature in the app, but none of the Sticks do.

    • Yes, both Cubes provide volume controls in the Fire TV Remote app. The reason this is only available on the Cubes is because of the built-in IR blasters in the Cube’s housing. The Sticks only have IR blasters in the physical remote and the remote app cannot relay IR commands through the physical remote.

  6. Nate says:

    Apologies for the double post on this one, but wanted to re-ask: Aside from renaming the wake word for Alexa on the cube, is there any way to stop interruptions from Alexa appearing on screen while watching a show? E.g. I have a dedicated Echo in the same room as my cube and ask Alexa to turn off the lights, can I stop Alexa from defaulting on my cube versus my Echo? I wasn’t sure if there was any way to separate commands specific to video playback to the cube only as of yet.

    • clocks says:

      I just disabled the Echo on my FTV cube. There is a hardware button to do so right on the top of the unit.

    • clocks says:

      Oh, you are talking about the notices that flash during movie. Yeah, that is annoying. Not sure how to get rid of that.

      • Nate says:

        That is what I was worried about, yes. I can obviously change the Alexa wake word so I don’t accidentally trigger it while talking to my echo, but apart from that, I don’t think there really is any way to stop the on screen interruptions at this point?

    • No, apart from changing the wake word on the Cube, there is no way to stop the Cube from reacting to “Alexa…” commands spoken to an Echo in the same room. There is a setting on the Cube, that is ON by default, called “Favor This Device” under Settings > Alexa. If you turn that off, the Cube will be less likely to respond when you speak to your Echo, but it likely will, at the very least, still briefly show the blue bar on the screen before allowing the Echo to take the request.

      • Nate says:

        Thanks, Elias! I was unaware of that setting, to be honest. I think the easiest way at this point is just to change the wake word to stop the interruption from happening in the first place. Appreciate the response!

  7. Mine arrived today. I upgraded from a 2nd gen box. I’m impressed but have two gripes, which are the amazon game controller no longer working, I had to pair an xbox pad instead.. and some side loaded apps have the issue with the icon logo missing. I’ve seen the fix here, but it breaks some of my apps. I ended up using a custom launcher instead.

  8. Jim says:

    I purchased the 2nd Gen cube. Much faster. Only problem I’ve found is that when side loading some apps, I get black icons. Anyway to fix this?

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