Amazon Fire TV Cube gains support for Frame Rate Matching and updated Surround Sound options

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is currently receiving a new software update. While the update message that appears after the new software is installed is highlighting the new ability to use your voice to navigate hands-free within select 3rd-party apps, another feature this update adds is the ability for the Fire TV Cube to change the refresh rate of your TV to match the frame rate of the video you’re watching. This feature first arrived on the Fire TV 3 (pendant) and will be available on the new Fire TV Stick 4K, but now it has also arrived on the Fire TV Cube.

In the Fire TV Cube’s Display settings menu is a new option labeled “Match Original Frame Rate” that is off by default. Turning the option on will cause the Fire TV to dynamically change the rate at which your TV updates its image so that it matches the rate at which video frames are being displayed. I went over the feature in great detail when it first arrived on the Fire TV 3, so read this article to learn more about exactly what it does and why you would or wouldn’t want to turn it on.

Another change brought on by this latest update, which is also included in the Fire TV 3 update, is a re-labeling of the Fire TV Cube’s surround sound options. As far as I can tell, the options themselves have not changed, but the new labels do a better job of describing what each option does.

The first surround sound option, which used to be called “Dolby Digital Plus Automatic,” is now labeled “Best Available.” With the new availability of Dolby Atmos content through Prime Video, it makes more sense to remove the association of “Dolby Digital Plus” to the surround sound setting that essentially sets the Fire TV to automatically output the best possible audio format available.

The old “Dolby Digital Plus Off” setting is now simply labeled as “Stereo” to indicate that it’s the setting to select if you want to turn all surround sound capabilities off. The two bottom options, which used to be labeled “Dolby Digital Plus over HDMI” and “Dolby Digital over HDMI,” now more explicitly indicate, through the addition of the word “Always,” that selecting these options will force either Dolby Digital Plus or Dolby Digital.

  1. Mirko says:

    DTS supported when on Best available mode?

  2. Russ says:

    On the Fire TV Cube- After the update I no longer get the choice of selecting Dolby Atmos with Jack Ryan.
    Only DD+ or stereo. All worked good before the update. I restored to factory defaults, but that did not help either.

  3. Pawl says:

    What do we do?

  4. Jorgen says:

    Match original frame rate no longer works after upgrading to Denon AVR 2020 model X6700H. Was working fine on prime video app on Denon AVR X6500H. If this feature is important to you, you are better off waiting until Denon fixes this before upgrading to their 2020 models.

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