Amazon Fire TV Cube can now enhance dialogue audio and equalize volume levels

The new software update rolling out to the Amazon Fire TV Cube has added a pair of new advanced audio options that allow customers to configure volume levels to their taste. A “Volume Leveler” option will keep volume levels consistent across content and apps, while a “Dialogue Enhancer” option will boost vocals to make it easier to understand dialogue.

The latest software update adds a new “Advanced Audio” menu under the audio section of the Fire TV Cube’s “Display & Sounds” settings area. In the new advanced menu are a pair of new features that can be set to on or off, which include the Volume Leveler and the Dialogue Enhancer.

The Volume Leveler option says that it “sets a consistent volume level across your streaming content and apps.” The option is turned on by default. If left on, it will automatically reduce the volume level of very loud audio and increase the volume of very low audio. Amazon says that this results in loudness that is balance regardless of content. Turning the feature off will boost overall volume levels, but will also result in a larger variability in loudness.

The Dialogue Enhancer option says that it “boosts the vocals to make it easier to understand the dialogue.” With this feature enabled, the Fire TV will attempt to identify and increase the volume of speech in the content that you’re watching. This feature is handy for watching late at night without disturbing other people. It should allow you to turn down the overall volume without losing the ability to hear soft dialogue and whispers in the content.

  1. OG Charlie says:

    Sure would be nice if this was add to other models…


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