Amazon Fire TV Cube begins receiving software update

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is starting to receive a new software update. The update, which carries version number and build number NS6223/1852, appears to be a minor update. I have been unable to find any obvious changes, so this may just contain additional bug fixes. This update does not add the frame rate matching feature that was added to the Fire TV 3 in its most recent update. If you notice any changes or fixes with this update, be sure to mention them in the comments.

  1. Jp says:

    Any one else with the diamond dangler notice the CEC no longer turns on your TV lately? It used to work great telling Alexa to start my son’s cartoons and lately it won’t turn on the TV even though Alexa acknowledged the command was executed.

  2. Craig says:

    I have only the Cube attached to my Samsung One Box TV. It thinks I have cable TV attached and most voice commands to watch Hulu no longer work after the update.

  3. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Yesterday night my Fire TV CUBE received this new software update, however three friends of mine who also own FireTV-CUBE devices, have not received it yet…

    Could it be that Amazon may have stopped the download of this latest software update

    During today someone has received this update?

  4. Rob Cason says:

    Has anyone had issues with the cube not switching to cable anymore? It says there are no linked video skills that can do that, it used to work, very strange…

    • Craig says:

      Yep they screwed the pooch with this update.

    • Kimber says:

      THIS!!! We have the Fire TV Cube and after the last update Alexa says “I don’t know that” or “I can’t do that on cable” when asking to switch inputs. Also a command like “Search ___ on Hulu” returns similar.

    • Melissa D Brown says:

      Mine won’t do anything. It’s like it thinks it’s an echo, not a Fire.

    • Larry says:

      Yeah. Noticed these same issues around Midnight last night. My Cube refuses to switch to satellite and won’t open any apps if asked to by voice. Hopefully they get this fixed.

    • Ashley says:

      Hi yes I had the say problem, if you go to the Home screen, then settings go to My Account, select Amazon Account and Deregister, then select you have any Amazon Account and log back in with you user name and password. This should work

    • AFTVnews says:

      Amazon has told me that they’re aware of the issue and are already working on a fix.

  5. Craig says:

    For some reason it started working again this morning. I did not change a thing. Very weird.

  6. Marc Moore says:

    Hey I haven’t gotten the update for my fire cub either did they stop the update till they fix the bugs????

  7. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    As I said before, On August 16 at night my FireTV-CUBE received this new software update, but I have three friends of mine who also own FireTV-CUBE devices, that unfortunately have not received it yet.

    That’s why I think maybe Amazon has stopped the update until they fix all these little bugs?

    Hopefully as Amazon has told Elias, they’re aware of the issues and are already working on a fix.

  8. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Hi Elias,

    As on August 18 you mentioned that Amazon told you that they were aware of all the issues of the software update, and that they also were already working on a quick solution… I would like to know if lately Amazon has said something new, regarding the release of a better and corrected software version for the Fire TV CUBE?

    1000Thanks you for always keeping us so well informed about everything related to the Amazon Fire TV devices!!

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