Amazon Fire TV Cube and Fire TV 3 receive new Software Update

The Amazon Fire TV Cube and the Amazon Fire TV 3 (pendant) are starting to receive a new software update. For the Fire TV 3, this update is fairly minor because that device has been running a software version that is considerably newer than other Fire TV models for some time. For the Fire TV Cube, this update adds new display options, equipment control settings, and more.

Both the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV 3 are receiving an update with a version number of The build number for the Fire TV Cube update is 1616, which is slightly newer than the 1612 build version going out to the Fire TV 3. This could mean that an initial 1612 build for the Fire TV Cube, which is currently listed as the latest software version on Amazon’s software updates page, had issues and was re-released.

This update has added the new “Live TV” menu to both devices, which is necessary to support the Fire TV Recast over-the-air tuner and DVR that will be released next month. With this update, now all Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Edition televisions are ready to start using the Fire TV Recast. Also being added with this update is the new Privacy Settings menu that also arrived on older Fire TV models this month. You can read more about the Live TV menu and Privacy Settings menu in my post about the software update that rolled out to older Fire TV models.

This update has also relabeled the surround sound options on both the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV 3, but it seems like the options function the same as they previously did. That’s it as far as obvious changes to the Fire TV 3 brought on by this update, but the Fire TV Cube has received a few more changes. Most notably is the addition of Frame Rate Matching, which the Fire TV 3 already had, and a few new equipment control options. I’ll cover those changes in more detail in separate posts. This update also highlights the addition of new hands-free Alexa navigation commands for 3rd-party apps, which were already working prior to this update.

  1. Charles says:

    I really wish that Fire devices were able to passthrough HD audio formats, like DTS-MA and Dolby TrueHD. I’d like to use it for Plex and Kodi since I have many movies in those formats. Especially since the new upcoming stick will do HDR-DV, something my Shield TV can’t. I actually use a FTV3 and the Shield as my streamers on the main TV since I like each for different tasks in different situations. But one streamer to “Rule Them All” would be ideal. :) Also would like a super sharp 4K interface, like I’ve seen on the ATV devices. But perhaps that’s a different discussion for a different day.

  2. Donna L Kremm says:

    Now bring back screen sharing/mirroring

  3. HeffeD says:

    I have a Fire TV 3, and this update causes YouTube to massively pixelate every few minutes. (Using Firefox if that makes a difference) Audio is fine. A couple of times, the pixelization has actually frozen on the screen, (audio playing fine…) and you need to skip forward or backward to get the picture back.

    I have a great connection, and have never seen this prior to the update. It’s pretty annoying. There doesn’t seem to be any trouble with Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu.

    • CW says:

      My Fire TV 3 couldn’t detect any 5GHz wifi after the software update. Both my routers and my neighbors 5 GHz hotspots disappeared. I rebooted my routers, deleted any saved 5Ghz hotspots and restarted FTV3 multiple times without any difference.
      Finally, I unplugged FTV3 power supply for 20 seconds and reconnected. That seemed to do the trick as it could see 5GHz wifi again. It’s working now.
      So I will be powering down and restarting all my units after each software update from now on.

  4. Flokic says:

    On my FTV2 I still didn’t get the update that started rolling out over a week ago, don’t understand why. Let’s see if this one comes to the Cube, till now, nothing. (judging by the feedback from users, maybe it’s for the best)

  5. Russ says:

    Does anyone else have this problem?
    On the Fire TV Cube- After the update I no longer get the choice of selecting Dolby Atmos with Jack Ryan.
    Only DD+ or stereo. All worked good before the update. I restored to factory defaults, but that did not help either.

    • HeffeD says:

      That’s not so bad. On the FTV3, I can’t select the display and sound options… Clicking on it doesn’t do anything. All of the other settings menu options work, but this one is borked.

  6. AB says:

    Would be nice if the Live TV supported any DVR, I have a PC with a TV Tuner and Plex setup for this, but native would be much nicer

  7. Rick says:

    My fire tv3 disabled my home button with update. How can I fix this?

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