Amazon Fire TV Cube 2nd-Gen is on sale for $99.99

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The 2nd generation Amazon Fire TV Cube is on sale for $99.99. This deal is just $10 shy of the lowest price that it has ever been. This latest Fire TV Cube is the most powerful Fire TV that Amazon has ever made and it’s a worthy upgrade to any previous model, including the much loved 2nd-gen Fire TV box. Some advantages of the latest Fire TV Cube over the Fire TV Stick 4K, apart from the performance boost, are double the internal storage at 16GB vs 8GB, more RAM at 2GB vs 1.5GB, Fire OS 7 vs Fire OS 6, an included Ethernet adapter, built-in far-field voice capabilities w/ speaker, and a built-in IR blaster for more reliable control of your TV and home theater equipment.

  1. Earzfish says:

    Got one… but so frustrated that I can’t get it to display icons for side loaded apps! All other fire TVs I have work fine, it’s just the 2nd gen cube that refuses to show app icons.

    • The Brain says:

      It must be due to Fire OS 7 system version (based on Android 9), instead of the former Fire OS 6 (based on Android 7.1).

  2. Jp says:

    Still have remorse with original cube it’s nice for controlling the tv but it lacks in speed and everything else

  3. K Barlow says:

    Not sure if this would be considered “inside information” that you agreed not to discus upon leaving Amazon…but what ever happened to the sleep timer function we were promise would be coming? It just seems so obvious given the cubes abilities…

    • I don’t recall Amazon ever saying a sleep timer for the Cube was coming. Do you know when/where they said that?

    • David Fleetwood says:

      I’m still disappointed they never did proper home theater device management such as being able to use RF to control HDMI switches (especially since it has a RF attachment) and custom device management (like multiple versions of the Xbox and other items). It was so close to what I wanted but, in the end, fell short due to its basic management capabilities.

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