Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick confirmed to receive Fire OS 5 based on Android Lollipop

Amazon has just announced that current generation Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks will receive Fire OS 5 based on Android Lollipop. Amazon first announced Fire OS 5 for Fire tablets in June with a vauge reference to Fire TVs. It was unclear at the time if current generation Fire Tv devices would also be receiving an update to Fire OS 5, or if it would be received for next generation Fire TV devices. Today we have confirmation, as well as a developer preview, of Fire OS 5 for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

Fire OS 5 for Fire TV devices is based on Android 5.1 Lollipop and will include full support for apps using Android TV libraries. This means developers making apps for Android TV will be able to easily port their apps over to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Anyone with an Amazon Developer account can sign up to receive the Fire OS 5 update on their Fire TV device.

  1. John says:

    Any idea if Lollipop will be available for Fire Phone too?

    • Ulises Rodriguez says:

      Amazon first announced in June the FireOS 5 (Based on Lollipop) for all they Fire Devices, so I think that this means that the Fire Tablets, the FireTV and also the Fire Phones will possibly receive this FireOS 5 update soon!!

      Since I also have 2 Fire Phones, I already contacted Amazon about this FireOS 5 for the Fire Phone, but as we all know, Amazon never has given any information until the same day that they release updates…

      • John says:

        :) thanks for the info

        • Ulises Rodriguez says:

          You’re welcome John.

          As I said before, I have 2 Fire Phones, and I am also very intetested in the announced FireOS-5 by Amazon in June!

          Some owners of the Fire Phones, are very concerned because they believe that if Amazon unveils a new Fire-Phone-2, they perhaps decide to discontinue the Original Fire Phone.

          However, as Amazon has sold so many Fire Phones at a Gift Price, plus One Extra Year of Amazon Prime, I really think they are obliged to continue the support and development of the Fire Phone, and soon also to launch the New FireOS-5 based on Lollipop!..

          My guess is based on the fact that right now the latest version of Android is Marshmallow, and the Fire Phone is already several versions of android late, so Amazon is totally obligated to release the FireOS-5, if they want that their Fire Phone continues to have good acceptance in the market, as it has had so far!…

  2. Rob says:

    ado we need a specific version of xposed because of lolipop for fire tv?

  3. dman says:

    Even though the hardware is the same, the Fire Stick that is included with the standard remote is based on Android 4.2.2 and not Lollipop…
    Just brilliant amazn. Something to think about for those considering buying the that bundle. I could actually care less about the voice remote as it has a very limited value (does not even work with netflix, etc).

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