Amazon Fire TV cannot be Rooted with New Software Update


A new software update for the Amazon Fire TV just started rolling out to devices a few hours ago. This latest update carries version number I have manually installed this version on one of my Fire TV’s and can confirm that all three versions of towelroot (v1, v2, and v3) CANNOT ROOT the Fire TV running this latest software version.

As of now, if you have a rooted Fire TV and you want to keep root, you should keep your update blocks in place and not update to this latest version. This latest update is being served from the same domain as previous updates, so all current methods to block updates should block this latest version. The newest rootable Fire TV software update is still version For new Fire TV’s you want to root, be sure to follow my guide on setting up a new Fire TV in order to avoid this latest unrootable update.

I’ll have a post up tomorrow detailing all the changes this new update brings to the Fire TV.


You can find my overview of Software Update here.

  1. Dan says:

    How safe is it having com. Amazon . DCP disabled ¿

  2. hdmkv says:

    Thing is even if you block updates for now, you’ll want the new Netflix update and HBO Go when they’re available. Hopefully, Amazon will continue allowing sideloading apps. If not, I’ll be eBaying my FTVs and looking to Google’s Android TV boxes or the likes of Minix, Tronsmart, etc.

    • z says:

      Hi, I’ll keep blocking updates and keep my root. app updates seem to come regardless of blocking updates from amazon.if they do block app updates, I can always side load new Netflix that’s been updated from my phone. Also by blocking updates I keep my firetv the way I want it. Amazon has already blocked root, it can choose to block sideloading with any update to come.i don’t want to pay for something and like it the way it is and have some one else (amazon) choose what I can do or cant do. Also I have Google store and I needed root to add it. I think that’s why my updates keep coming even if I have amazon blocked. Google play store updates them. Just my own thoughts

  3. Barry says:

    What does this root issue cause, ability to side load new APK files or prevents running of existing side loaded apps?


    • hdmkv says:

      You can still sideload apps, but you can’t use custom launchers, add a custom icon for XBMC/Kodi, or use a Amazon menu customizer (to hide unwanted Amazon sections).

  4. Paul_Aris says:

    Shoot, I just ordered one MOnday from amazon in hopes to root. I did free shipping so they have not even shipped it yet. I wonder if it will have the latest unrootable version on it? If so I may have to send this back to amazon.

  5. Mar says:

    How do you root a Fire TV

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