Amazon Fire TV back on sale for $84 on Amazon [Expired]

The Amazon Fire TV is back on sale for $84 on Amazon. This is the fourth time since its release in April that the Fire TV has dropped below its regular $99 price. The recently released Gamers Edition Fire TV has not followed suit and is still priced at $124. As of now, it appears Amazon is still shiping Fire TVs with the older rootable software version, so this will probably be everyones last chance to pick up a rootable Fire TV from Amazon at this great price.

  1. osc000 says:

    Whoopee …!!!!!!
    Great $84
    Hey I don’t see the need to have the root any more since Amazon have
    The Option to install from unknown sources on
    Now I have install the App Store
    APTOIDE now I can dowload apps and install them directly
    Man is just Beautiful .!!!! :-)
    Thank you for all your guides and updates AFTVNEWS.COM
    by the way you can install apps you will not find in the Google play store

  2. JamHam says:

    If you go to staples, you can use the green bag coupon code to get it for $67, since it will take an additional 20% off. Did it today myself

  3. Martian says:

    Staples has a deal where you can get 20% off anything that fits in their eco bag. The Fire TV fits and works with the promotion. Kindle is excluded but Fire TV is not a Kindle! Total $62.20 + tax.

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