Amazon Fire TV back in stock — New & Refurbished


Both new Amazon Fire TVs and Refurbished units have come back in stock at Amazon. The Fire TV went out of stock at the end of December and then returned 2 weeks later. The return didn’t last long, as it was back out of stock a few days later. Now the device is back in stock once again.

One explanation to the Fire TV’s stock issues could be the rumored European release of the Fire TV Stick. Amazon will probably have a similar promotional price for the Fire TV Stick’s European release as it had for the US release. If so, Amazon is likely building up Fire TV Stick stock in preparation, which may have resulted in a hold on Fire TV production.

  1. Jeff says:

    I had an offer for a new one for $79. $20 discount at check out.

  2. Darren says:

    Keep in mind there is a labor dispute for the dock workers on the west coast and ships are having to wait as much as a week to unload their cargo. This could be part of the problem with keeping things in stock as well. Just a guess though.

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