Amazon Fire TV back in stock after 2 week hiatus

The Amazon Fire TV is finally back in stock. Two weeks ago, the device was listed as out of stock for the first time since its release in April of last year. This outage may mark the end of rootable Fire TVs coming out of Amazon. Using my Serial Number Decoder to find a rootable device at a physical store like Best Buy or Staples may be a safer bet if you’ve got your heart set on rooting. Be sure to let me know in the comments or by filling out my serial number questionare if you place a new order and still get a rootable unit.

Here is a one time use $15 off code sent in by a reader for the quickest among you to use on a new Fire TV order: AUZG-8DKU2Q-KQGANW

  1. Sunil Soni says:

    It’s mine :)

  2. Black Bill says:

    That’s because I used it before you figured out how to use it Sunil. n00b ;)

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