Amazon Fire TV antenna bundle no longer available


It looks like the current Fire TV sale was too much for the Fire TV Antenna Bundle to handle. The bundle is now listed as “currently unavailable.” Checking the included antenna’s product page shows that it’s the likely culprit, since it appears to be out of stock for the next 4 to 6 weeks. When this bundle first appeared, it came with the more expensive 50 mile antenna and wasn’t much of a deal. When Amazon switched the bundle to the 35 mile antenna and lowered the price to just $10 more than buying the Fire TV alone, it became a pretty good deal. Especially if you planned to buy an HDMI cable anyway, which also came included with the antenna bundle. Hopefully this bundle’s popularity will spawn more creative Fire TV groupings from Amazon.


Looks like Amazon expedited a new supply of antenna’s because the page has now updated to say the bundle will be back in stock later this month.

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