Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick out of stock — Possibly due to Voice Remote production issues

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 2 has been out of stock for a little while, and now the Fire TV 2 has been going in and out of stock the last couple of days. I like to keep an eye on the availability of Amazon’s devices because low supply is often a good indication of next generation devices being released soon, but I don’t think that’s the case right now. It seems as if the voice remote might be having production issues, which is limiting the supply of Fire TV and Fire TV Stick bundles that include the voice remote.

The Fire TV Stick 2 was just released a few months ago, so it’s extremely unlikely that it being out of stock is due to a new model on the horizon. The Fire TV 2, on the other hand, is over a year old now and will likely be updated or replaced some time this year. While it’s easy to assume the Fire TV 2’s low supply is due to an upcoming new model, there is evidence that Amazon is having trouble making enough voice remotes, and that is limiting the supply of all devices that come with the voice remote.

The Voice Remote has been out of stock, with an expected ship date of 2 to 3 months, ever since August of last year. It’s very unusual for any Amazon hardware currently in production to be in short supply for that long. This is the first piece of evidence that voice remote production issues are the cause for the low supply of other Fire TV bundles.

All Fire TV and Fire TV Stick bundles that include the voice remote are in low supply, while all bundles that don’t include the voice remote are in stock. In the US, the Fire TV Stick 2 and main Fire TV 2 are having supply issues, while the Fire TV Gaming Edition, which includes a game controller instead of the voice remote, is in stock. In the UK, the Fire TV 2 is out of stock and the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick with a Voice Remote has been removed from the site entirely. However, the 1st-gen Fire TV Stick with the older non-voice remote is in stock, even though it is the bundle that will most likely be discontinued first, since the Fire TV Stick 2 will probably be launching in the UK soon.

It’s all just speculation, but it seems as though Amazon is having issues making enough Fire TV voice remotes. If you’re thinking about buying a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick bundle with a voice remote, it’s probably best to get your order in sooner, rather than later. I expect the next Fire TV related launch to be the Fire TV Stick 2 overseas, so if Amazon is indeed having voice remote supply issues, they’ll probably devote all production to that launch, which would limit Fire TV 2 supply even more.

  1. clocks says:

    Could the reason the gaming bundle is still in stock be as simple as the gaming bundle not selling as well as the regular one?

    I don’t know how manufacturer of these devices works. Are they constantly coming of the product line ever week, or does Amazon place periodic orders say every 2-3 months?

  2. Jack says:

    I bought my stick on Thanksgiving eve, 2015. I have it connected to my receiver, and it works great. VERY pleased with it. I want another one to use with the tv set in the bedroom. I’ll use the one I have now on the set in the bedroom, and the new one on the set in the living room. Only problem I have is deciding on another stick or a box.
    Decisions, decisions!
    Anyway, if Amazon is having a problem keeping up with demand, that might be kind of a good problem, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. It’s one of those “toys for grownups” that we want NOW, not 3 or 4 weeks from now. Too long a wait can drive buyers to another brand. In other words, they’re selling like hot cakes. If so, that tells me that sticking with the Fire TV rather than a different brand of streamer is a safe way to go (even though my experience with the one I have has been positive since day one).

    Off topic, is the interface update rolling out to generation one devices yet? Haven’t gotten it as yet. Thank you, and thank you for this website. I check in several times a day to keep up to date.

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, new interface has not started rolling out to gen 1 devices.

      • F*MPAA says:

        The reason for all the Fire TV Sticks and Fire TV units being sold out is because of Kodi piracy.

        • F*MPAA says:

          I just picked up one Gen 2 Fire TV Stick (orange box) Kodi works fine. If Amazon strips the http input, then Amazon TV devices will gather dust with Google,Chromecast and Roku.

          Amazon is no longer an option for box sellers because of many stores “one per person” policy.

  3. Trent Harris says:

    I have a different theory to consider. If you look on eBay or your local Craigslist for Amazon Fire TV’s, you will almost certainly see a significant number of devices and the majority of them are advertised as ‘jailbroken’ and with Kodi, selling for around $85.00. Could it be that these sellers are consuming the supply chain in order to turn a profit?

    I hope this is not the case as I could see Amazon implementing software to prevent the sideloading of apps like Kodi. On the other hand, Amazon may view this as a good problem to have.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I don’t think it’s a matter of not being able to make devices fast enough. I think it’s an actual production issue that’s slowing things down.

      Amazon certainly does not like the resellers, and you shouldn’t either. If there are any restrictions added to Fire TV products, it’s all going to be their fault.

      • Resellers Unite says:

        Amazon certainly DOES like the resellers. They had an update last year that placed Kodi to the front of the interface. Resellers have been driving demand for a rather inferior product. Amazon should thank Kodi and the developers for their work… For the record streaming is not illegal in the states so why the hate against resellers?

        • EarlyMon says:

          Streaming is not illegal in the states? If you mean the United States of America, of course it is.

          As a receiver you’re open to lawsuits from the MPAA for movie piracy.

          But mostly it’s about entitlement instead of doing without when you can’t afford it.

          Years ago we had a better name for it than entitlement.

          • Resellers Unite says:

            What statute am I breaking? What state is this statute in? Is this federal law? Care to name?

          • EarlyMon says:

            18 USC 2319


            Some torrent downloaders automatically mirror your downloads for peer to peer sharing. Users could be complicit in illegal distribution under the statute.

            Where prosecution can’t reach, civil lawsuits can.

            Media piracy is part of a criminal enterprise and availing yourself of it is playing Russian roulette.

            Resellers Unite, you do as you think best but please do not spread misinformation that most anyone with common sense knows better about.

          • Resellers Unite says:

            Kodi does not use torrents…Maybe you should do some research admin lol. Your just pulling shit out your ass.Streaming is not illegal. If it is name a state and statute that I’m breaking. And I will wait….

          • RowMan says:

            You are actually correct. There is no current statute or case precedent regarding STREAMING of pirated media, but this type of activity is certainly ripe for it. Sure, you may not be the one illegally posting the content, but you seek it out to enjoy the benefits of it for free when it normally should be paid for. That’s a connection to the pirate and unquestionably condoning his actions. The laws will come. Now, actually enforcing the laws is a completely different animal.

          • Joe says:

            You know that the movie industry is hurting for money right? NOTTTTT!!!

        • Fire stick says:

          Where can I get sticks in bulk. Im dry

    • Stovepipe says:

      Amazon will never block Kodi. They are aware that Kodi is the main reason they have sold so many of these devices. You can’t install Kodi on Apple tv and Roku. Fire tv would be just another Apple or Roku device. So why would they cut their own throat.

  4. Bob B. says:

    Too bad this isn’t so they can introduce a FireTV 3rd gen with HDR.

  5. Grinder says:

    The WiFi remote has appalling latency, making reaction gaming close to impossible. The obsoleted bluetooth one is substantially better, but it’s not that great either.

    How does the gaming controller compare?

    • RowMan says:

      My son plays a lot of games on the Fire TV 2. He says the remote is great. I don’t notice any difference in response time between it and the regular voice remote.

  6. BTN says:

    I think that Amazon will end the Fire TV model, now 200 countrys have Amazon Video and they only continue to sell the Fire TV on the same exclusive markets that have Amazon Video before…so i think that Fire TV will end!!!

    • AFTVnews says:

      Do you seriously expect Amazon to start selling Fire TVs in over 200 new countries just 1 month after expanding Amazon Video? It took months and months for each additional region to gain Fire TV devices.

      I think well see the availability of a global Fire TV product at some point, but it will certainly have a smaller featureset because it’s just too difficult to support so many countries and languages with everything all at once. It’ll be s tripped down device OS for just playing video. No Alexa, no shopping, no freetime, etc..

  7. TechyChris says:

    Hello Elias, I was wondering if you were planning on posting a commentary piece on the bad publicity “listening type devices” are starting to receive in the mainstream media? While Amazon is not the only company manufacturing these devices, they are at the forefront of this technological wave. There is now a legal (murder) case involving an Echo. It appears the listening feature cannot be turned off? Meaning Amazon (or anyone) could potentially record sensitive information. Just curious what your take is on all this.

    • AFTVnews says:

      No, I don’t think I’ll write an article about it, unless more people comment and request one.

      You can mute the mic on Echos and Echo Dots to turn off the always listening capability. The Fire TV remote and the Tap require you to press a button before they record anything.

      People need to understand what these devices do exactly before they use them, if they’re concerned about recording sensitive information.

  8. Mike U says:

    Any intel on the upcoming FTV 3 box? I am looking to upgrade my gen 1 box but figured Aprilish was when we might see a new box if they stick to the 18 month cycle.

    • Mark says:

      Just buy the new Shield Android TV.

      • Mike U says:

        Only problem is I use Control4 for home automation and Android TV doesn’t have proper IP control for third parties unless you root the device. The FireTV has proper IP control for their drivers.

  9. clocks says:

    Looks like the FTVs and remotes are back in stock (not the stick yet).

  10. I have three of these and tried to but another but cannot find one. They are great.
    Might be best to wait though as there is a rumor that they will incorporate over air antenna to the next version

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