Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick get their first 360º Video app


VR 360º TV is a new Fire TV and Fire TV Stick app that lets you view 360º video. The app streams video shot on a 360º camera and allows you to move around and control the viewing perspective. The app is very limited unfortunately, but is neat to play with for a bit for anyone who hasn’t experienced 360º video. Right now, all you can do is choose one of 48 available videos, which all seem to be streaming from YouTube. There is no search option or local playback. You can’t even pause, fast forward, or rewind. You literally can just press play and move the camera around using the Fire TV remote’s directional buttons. VR 360º TV is currently not compatible with the 2nd-gen Fire TV or any game controllers, so you can’t use a joystick to move the camera.

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  1. vulcan195 says:

    Until they come up with a solid app for the Fire TV – HTPC folks can fire up Google Chrome and watch Conan O’Brian shows in 360 on YouTube in Full 4K. Just tried it on my MacMini + 65 inch Samsung 4K. Can you say, “Vertigo”. LOL.

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