Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Antenna Bundle are back in stock


The Amazon Fire TV 2 and the Fire TV 2 Antenna Bundle have just come back into stock after being out of stock for quite a while. The Fire TV 2 stock has been relatively unstable ever since it went out of stock as a result of the Prime Day sale. Stock instability is usually an indicator of a new device coming, so we’ll see how long it stays in stock this round. There has been no definitive indication that an Amazon Fire TV 3 is coming this year, but even though the Fire TV Stick 2 was just announced, a new Fire TV is not out of the question since Amazon has been updating hardware one-by-one lately, instead of updating an entire line of devices.

  1. Nick says:

    I ordered a Fire TV 2 box after seeing they didn’t announce the Fire TV 3 box the day the Fire Stick 2 was announced. My box should be here Tuesday.

  2. NashGuy says:

    Amazon should roll out a Fire TV 3 and add support for both HDR and UHD at 60 fps. They should also sell a plug-in OTA tuner that can work with a USB hard drive to provide an OTA DVR solution for cord cutters. They could either sell guide data/DVR service for a small monthly fee and/or offer it as a free perk with Prime membership.

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