Amazon Fire TV (3rd Gen, 2017) is on sale for $54.99 on Amazon [Expired]

The Amazon Fire TV 3 is on sale for $54.99 on Amazon. This is the second lowest price it has ever been. It was $49.99 very briefly during a one day only sale, but it’s unlikely for that price to reoccur anytime soon. The new Fire TV has had a rocky start due to bugs at launch, but numerous software updates have cleared up all the major issues. Some are rightfully still disappointed that Amazon has removed capabilities found on the Fire TV 2, such as external storage and ports, but the Fire TV 3 is a great device for the price. It doesn’t seem to be affecting reviews because the Fire TV 3 actually has better reviews than the Fire TV 2 had at this point in its lifecycle. If you have a Fire TV 2 there’s little reason other than HDR to upgrade your device, but if you’re looking to add a new device to your home or are looking to upgrade from a Fire TV Stick, here’s your chance to get the Fire TV 3 at a discount.

  1. kinseki says:

    have they fixed the volume issue for this 3rd gen firetv?

  2. clint says:

    you can get it for $44.99 at B&H with the Google Pay $10 off $50+ promo (Android Mobile Device w/ Chrome req.)

    It works using the chrome browser on ANDROID
    NOT using Android pay on the B&H app or using chrome on a laptop or desktop.

    At B&H Photo Video
    $10 off any order over $50 when paying with Google Pay
    Limit 1 per customer
    No link or code needed it’s just a promo at checkout
    Offer ends 1/31/2018 or anytime they want

    Stacks with Chase rewards 5% bonus for using Android Pay

  3. Steve L. says:

    This is a great price I actually have 3 from Amazon and run plex for my movies and use for all my IPTV channels and more. Would highly recommend grabbing the firesticks it’s a great investment.

  4. Adam says:

    Its not a bad device per se. It’s just that its really an upgrade to the FireStick, not the FireTV.

    In those terms, its a great little device.

  5. Fred says:

    No optical input. No wired network connection. No thanks.

    Please uncripple the next version, Amazon.

    • clint says:

      this was more of an upgrade to the firetv stick, not the box.
      the performance of this sits between the stick and box, but i have to think they’ll release a new box sometime this year

  6. Charlie says:

    Still waiting for the cube, the other shoe to drop.

  7. Dave says:

    Has anyone been able to enable picture-in-picture, video time-shifting, or content recording as suggested in the article below?

  8. SHaun says:

    the fire tv 3 is a great device. the worst thing about it is the name. if amaozn kept the fire tv 2 available and released this device as the fire tv lite or someting like that, nobody would have a problem with it.

    • Rob says:

      The problem is Fire TV 2 is only 4K 30 fps, and does’t do HDR. This Fire TV 3 has these missing features, but many feel the lack of an ethernet port, removal of SD slot and a really short HDMI cable was a bad idea….but yeah, the name they chose didn’t help.

      • Tampa8 says:

        I am with others here, it’s steps forward with inclusion of HDR and improved FPS but many steps back with the deletions. I have decided to wait to see if they come out with a Fire TV with all the features not just some so will continue with the Stick and watching 4K HDR direct from my Samsung TV.

  9. Larry Wright says:

    Is it just me…. or does this new 3rd generation Fire TV not work very well with KODI? I have yet to be able to get a live stream play without delay, stuttering, and freezing. I have NO such issues even with my 1st generation Fire Stick. This device is crap and I’ve returned all of mine to Amazon.

  10. Robert M Katz says:

    When you can get this for $45 which has twice the ram and is already rooted, the new Fire T.V. doesn’t seem so appealing. I can vouch for this particular Android box- I’ve had since Christmas and it’s still impressive considering the cost

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