Amazon Fire TV 3 will not support Miracast display mirroring

Amazon’s 3rd generation Fire TV won’t be released until next week but parts of Amazon’s site are already being updated to include information about the new model. One such page that was just updated is Amazon’s “Display Mirroring on Amazon Fire TV” help page. It now says that the Fire TV 3 does not support display mirroring.

For those not familiar with Miracast display mirroring, it’s best thought of as HDMI over WiFi. It allows you to display the entire screen of one device on the screen of another device. For the Fire TV, it is most commonly used to display a Fire tablet’s screen or an Android phone’s screen on your TV without needing to use a cable.

Miracast is often confused with casting methods like DIAL, Google Cast, AirPlay, and others but it has nothing to do with them. All signs indicate that you will be able to cast content to the Fire TV 3 through apps like Amazon Video, YouTube, and Netflix, just like you can with other Fire TV models.

Miracast support on existing Fire TV models has always been flakey at best, so it’s no surprise that Amazon has dropped it all together for the Fire TV 3. Amazon’s 2016 and 2017 Fire tablet models have also not supported Miracast display mirroring.

For most uses, like sending video or images, casting protocols are superior to mirroring protocols because they don’t require a constant uninterrupted connection between the sending and receiving devices. When casting, the sending device tells the receiving device where to locate the media being sent online, instead of actually sending the media directly. Once the receiving device displays the media, it no longer needs to be connected to the sending device, which makes for a much better user experience.

  1. RedPenguin says:

    I don’t like the idea of the feature being gone, but I basically have given up on it.

    I have the Stick Gen 2 and I have tried everything from 3 separate Android phones and they never even show the option to cast.

    Of my 4 phones, one Jelly Bean which I think doesn’t even do Miracast, the other is a LG Optimus Fuel with KitKat that seems to hide the Cast option and crashes Settings if you try a third-party program to open that part of settings.

    Then I tried my Moto E 2nd Gen with Lollipop and my Blu Studio X Plus with Lollipop but neither phone will show the Cast section of settings either.

    You must need very particular phone models for Miracast to be supported or something is all I can figure…..

  2. Scott Howell says:

    It was flakey at best anyway. Never worked well. I know it’s not the same, but ended up getting a chrome cast as it just “works”. Still try to use Fire TV as my primary device though.

  3. HeyRadar says:

    Yeah, Google basically destroyed it since Marshmallow. They disabled Miracast support back then and it was up to the manufacturers to enable it.

    Since most aren’t going to mess with it the feature became non-existent.

  4. RedPenguin says:

    I still like how the Fire TV devices are basically Android devices, yet I have better luck sending video from my iOS devices via AirPlay Apps then I do sending something from another Android…..

    I would much prefer to not even have to send to the Fire TV but frustratingly CBS, NBC, and Comedy Central have decided charge or require Cable Subscription for episodes entirely free on a PC or Phone/Tablet……

  5. Charlie says:

    Wonder how 1st gen FireTV box compares to the FireTV 3 on a 1080P TV.

    • SDS says:

      AFTV News had the benchmarks awhile back.

      I would take a Fire TV 3 over a Fire TV 1 I am will to bet that new one will have faster wifi.

      • Brennan says:

        Hey, kind of off topic… but I was wondering if you can shed a little light on whether or not they’re going to come out with the cube version of the fire tv. I have had a fire stick but I would like something with more speed and power. I’m either getting a refurbished fire tv 2 or waiting for whatever they come out with next that’s faster than the stick. I want to use Ethernet instead of WiFi for speed. It seems like the new dongle is a step backward in some ways

        • andy says:

          amazon is coming out with an adapter that you can plug ethernet into the new fire tv its called if you want to look it up Amazon Ethernet Adapter for Amazon Fire TV Devices

      • Ichijoe says:

        Faster that the 802.11ac that came with the AFTV2? Seems unlikely to me… Unless the add more Antenna’s to enable MIMO. Of course the Boradband Router/MODEM would likely end-up ring the bottleneck in that scenario. As even my Router only has 2×2 MIMO for >833mbps over 5GHz 802.11ac.

      • Charlie says:

        Thank you for the link. The results appear to confirm the new dongle’s benchmark is not as good as the gen one box. I have a gen one and a gen two and occasionally I’ll swap them between TV’s to judge the difference and …….. I don’t really find any in my setup. Gaming on any TV box is not something I care about. I care about picture quality and responsiveness and gen one and gen two seem equal on a 1080P set.

  6. Richard says:

    Hey, this feature is flakey. Should we did it or just drop it? Hmmmmm.

  7. Ian King says:

    Unfortunately Google had not provided a Google Photo app. But the support of Google photos on Fire TV is limited (e.g., video files stored in a Google photo are not supported by non-Google Fire TV apps that are designed to access Google photos). Therefore, I rely on mirroring a mobile phone or tablet that is running the official Google Photos app. Will that still be possible?

    • sunrise495 says:

      How exactly are you doing that now? I have ton’s of photos on Google photo but I have not found a good way to do it on my Fire Tv Box 1st Gen.

      • Ian King says:

        I’ve installed Google’s Google photo app on my tablet. Then I mirror it to my Fire TV. I navigate the photos with the tablet, not the Fire TV remote. Works great!

  8. Cote says:

    Greetings. Does anyone know if the Fire TV 3 supports USB Host mode so you can connect gamepads, keyboards, and mice? Like this:

    • AFTVnews says:

      Since both the Fire TV Stick 2 and the Fire TV 3 support the new official Ethernet adapter, then the Fire TV 3 will very likely support USB Host mode and allow you to connect USB peripherals like mice, keyboards, and gamepads through an OTG cable.

  9. Y314K says:

    The only reason I cared about Miracast was so I could display an app that won’t install or crashes on any FireTV device. There has always been better supported options for photos, music & video. But not for an actual app screen.

    That means not being able to use the best Loteria App out there. Sucks.

  10. Lee says:

    Fire tv box 2nd gen is still the best out there, bullet proof reliability, never misses a beat, and built so well, love these machines.

    • Robert says:

      Fire TV1 rocks. Only model with optical out port, USB storage, and display mirroring.

      • atone says:

        I have one of each: FTV1, FTV2, and FTV2stick, but probably will skip this for now. I also use the FTV1’s optical out port all the time for my older AV system. For FTV2box and all later generations to get surround sound, you will need a newer later AV systems with HDMI audio.

        • Charlie says:

          Without going into great detail, I have an older, very nice Rotel surround system that is too nice to quit and it is pre-HDMI. I am able to get standard DD audio from my 1st and 2nd gen boxes and 2nd gen stick when I had one without using optical out, though I use it on my gen one box for a possibly slightly better sound. My TV has optical out to my surround, so any device connected to it by HDMI passes though DD audio, but not Plus, of course.

  11. atone says:

    The new ftv 3’s big advantage is to act like Roku devices to provide HDR 4k to apps (eg. Netflix and Amazon Prime). But maybe next year they will make another box like 2nd gen with “HDR”, ethernet, wifi,& mirroring added back..who knows ?

  12. Joe says:

    WTF. This feature was working perfectly fine from my Samsung Phone. A lot of times this was the most convenient way of sending content to the TV, especially as there is no fkn Browser on the FireTV that just supports to “send URL to tv”.

    Do we know if they will support any other cast formats (Chromecast?) Because it seems that none of the DEV companies really care about Fling…

  13. Charlie says:

    Though I love owning the latest and the greatest and I’m tempted to replace my gen one with the new FTV3 dongle, I’m going to pass it and wait for the cube. I don’t have an echo product and the cube give me that and likely a real upgrade.

    I will listen to reviews when the dongle ships on Wednesday to see if I need to reconsider buying one.

  14. Ethrem says:

    You know, this Fire TV 3 is actually a HUGE downgrade across the board. Go look up The scores between the FTV2 and the S905 on Geekbench. The MediaTek absolutely destroys anything from Amlogic, I can’t see any reason to get this new Fire unless you absolutely need to have 4K@60, it’s going to be a huge downgrade otherwise. I was looking at upgrading from my Fire Stick 2 but I think I’m going to get an FTV2 instead, I don’t see any good reason to get the 3.

  15. Chris B says:

    Any ideas on how to cast from YouTube on your phone to the fire tv 3 now?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Works fine for me. Remember, you need to have the YouTube app installed on the Fire TV for it to work. It uses DIAL in the Fire TV YouTube app, not Amazon FLing or Google Cast.

  16. Chris B says:

    Ok got it working now. Not sure if because fire tv is Ethernet and phone is Wi-Fi but I used the link with tv code and it worked.

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