Amazon Fire TV 3 (pendant) is on sale for $39.99 for Prime Members

Just as the sale for the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Stick ended, Amazon has now put the Fire TV 3 (pendant) on sale for $39.99. This sale is for Prime members only, which is a bit strange because the Fire TV 3 was on sale for this exact price about a month ago for all customers. The Fire TV 3 abruptly went out of stock a few weeks ago which often suggests that it will be soon be discontinued, but it came back in stock at the start of the month and has remained in stock ever since, so perhaps it will still be around for a while afterall. This sale price is $5 more than the lowest price the Fire TV 3 has ever been, which was during Prime Day earlier this year.

  1. SomeOne says:

    Can you only see the deal if you’re a prime member? I’m not logged in and it’s showing regular price!

  2. Andy M says:

    The Fire TV has been showing as unavailable on the Amazon UK website for the last week. I assume a new model is coming.

  3. Tango says:

    Looks like you can add the Amazon Ethernet Adapter for $11.99.

  4. Bobby Jones says:

    One truly has to ask just why such a new product is perpetually on deep discount?

    Besides the ridiculous dongle, what exactly is wrong with tis device?

    At $39, this is the same cost as a FIRE STICK — but with 4K capabilities and twice the RAM. That alone should make this a STEAL at that price.

    Is it?

    • HeffeD says:

      I bought one a short time ago. The biggest drawbacks as far as I’m concerned are the fact that it dangles off your HDMI port, and you need to buy the stupid adapter to plug an Ethernet cable into it. (Although the stick doesn’t have an Ethernet jack either)

      It is much quicker when scrolling through the GUI than my first gen Stick, but not as fast as my first gen Fire TV. Although when it comes to streaming performance, I don’t see any difference between it and the Fire TV. I don’t have a 4K TV though, so I can’t comment on 4K…

    • AFTVnews says:

      I think it’s just how Amazon prices things. Some manufacturers, like Apple, set a price that they know they’ll never change. Most manufacturers set a price and steadily drop it over time as the model ages. Amazon seems to set a price knowing that it will constantly be on sale throughout its life and that most purchases will occur during a sale.

      I remember the Fire TV 2, for example, had a sale that dropped it 20% literally two days after it was released, then it was on sale for 25% a month later, and it was constantly on sale for 15% off about once a month throughout its life.

      It’s just how Amazon chooses to price things and put things on sale constantly. Pretty much some Amazon hardware is on sale at any given time.

  5. todd says:

    i rather like the Fire TV 3, great replacement for my first gen fire sticks. but its been on sale a lot, does this mean we’ll get an actual updated Fire TV model soon? I’d love something more like the Fire TV 2 with better hardware

    • AFTVnews says:

      If the Fire TV 3 gets replaced this year, I do not think it will be with a model that is unanimously better than what is available now. I think the “Fire TV” line is now the budget 4K device, so Amazon will want to drive the price down instead of adding features. The “Fire TV Cube” line is now the flagship line that will get most of the improvements in the future.

      My money is on the current Fire TV 3 being replaced by a 4K HDR Fire TV Stick, with a true stick form factor, not a dangling pendant.

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