Amazon Fire TV 3 (Pendant) has gone out of stock — Usually an indicator of a new model coming soon

The Amazon Fire TV 3 (Pendant) has gone out of stock. The product page briefly listed an in-stock date of October 3rd but has now indicates that the 3rd generation Fire TV will return on September 22nd. An Amazon device abruptly going out of stock is easily the strongest indicator that a new model will soon be released.

It’s not unusual for an Amazon device to go out of stock during or immediately after a major sale, like Prime Day or Black Friday. When that occurs, it’s not an indicator of a new version of the device on the horizon. However, what is a good indicator of a replacement model coming is when a device suddenly goes out of stock out of the blue.

That is what has happened with the current Fire TV. While the device has been on sale during the last week, it wasn’t such a killer deal to cause it to go out of stock for so long. This likely means that Amazon has greatly reduced or altogether stopped new production of the existing Fire TV in anticipation of a new model.

The currently listed in stock date of September 22nd should not be used as a gauge to determine when a new model will be released. Amazon has historically never used the return date as a hint to when a new model will be announced or released. Based on when Amazon traditionally released Fire TV models, if a new Fire TV is coming, it will likely be announced and/or released near the end of September or early October. The current Fire TV was announced on September 27, 2017 and released on October 25, 2017.

With the recent release of the Amazon Fire TV Cube as the new flagship model in the Fire TV lineup, it’s unlikely that Amazon will release a new Fire TV that is superior to the Fire TV Cube. What is more likely is that a new mid-tier Fire TV model will be released for those who want more than the Fire TV Stick has to offer but don’t need the hands-free and universal remote capabilities of the Fire TV Cube.

There’s a very likely possibility that the current Fire TV will simply be replaced by a 4K and HDR capable Fire TV Stick. Many people already incorrectly refer to the existing Fire TV 3 as a “4K Firestick,” even though it does not use a stick form factor. The pendant form factor of the Fire TV 3 has been a concern for many, since it appears to put more strain on the HDMI port than the Fire TV Stick. If Amazon is able to fit all the same capabilities of the existing Fire TV 3 into a true stick form factor, that would certainly be preferred to another pendant design.

  1. clocks says:

    Fudge! I just have bought three of these things, to replace my FTV2s. One is still unopened, so maybe I will keep it sealed or ebay it. I figured the stick would be the next thing to be replaced, since it is starting to show it’s age. But I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing a new replacement for the pendant, since the cube wasn’t really for me.

    • Mark B says:

      I’d hold on to it for now. 1) just in case Amazon does not even make a replacement 2) if they do make one it may be less powerful than the Pendant which would be sad by definitely in line with how they operate. 3) for now only it and the cube can Deinterlace 1080i content on CBS/NBC etc when you are watching Sports which is a big deal if you are a cord cutter.

      • clocks says:

        I got all of them during the various $35 deals, so it’s not like I have a lot o money tied up with them. ATM, I am more concerned about selling my FTV2s. Got $100 for the first one, but it appears the other two will not get that price.

        • Robert Simandl says:

          Last time I put up a Fire TV for sale, it got taken down because Amazon told the marketplace site that “Fire TV’ is their trademark and I had to have their permission to sell it! And of course, said permission was not forthcoming. So I had to sell it locally under the radar.

  2. Charlie says:

    That’s what I was expecting. It’s that time of year and suddenly it goes on sale. Can’t imagine what it will be, but I’m pretty certain it won’t be dongle! :)

  3. beq says:

    Hopefully the next SKU will bundle in a new remote with volume control (and power).

    Then Amazon can slip the new remote in to future batches of the Cube et al, as well. And sell separately for existing owners…

  4. 2WhlWzrd says:

    A few things to consider. I don’t think this device has not been out long enough to consider being replaced by a newer model yet. It would also be nice if they would work out the bugs in the current software first before starting another project. I have had problems with audio sync from the day I got mine. And lastly consider, the current Chinese tariffs may be affecting supply.

  5. Scott says:

    There’s still a streaming-box crown to be claimed: 4k, HDR-10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos. Granted, manufacturers need to pay license fees for the Dolby products, but I bet there’s a significant number of people out there who will pay a premium to get all the technologies under one roof. The Apple 4k TV comes close (and is apparently getting Dolby Atmos this fall), but it’s also significantly more expensive than the Fire TV line. And, you know, it’s an Apple product, so there’s all sorts of conflicts with other providers (Youtube…).

    • Mark B says:

      I know it kind of goes without saying but add proper framerate and color space conversion AND can side load apps to that list Really ATV + Shield combined is the best unit unfortunately they don’t make that.

  6. tom42 says:

    In stock for me

  7. ermic says:

    Just release a real Fire TV 3 (box!) already @ Amazon
    The boxes are what made the Fire TV such a success. Maybe Mr. Bezos sas thru all the marketing department talk and ordered them to return to the box device type with a new generation. At least I hole so.

  8. James Updike says:

    “…it’s unlikely that Amazon will release a new Fire TV that is superior to the Fire TV Cube.”

    They already did… It’s called the Fire TV 2. Now they just need to make something better than the Fire TV 2.

    • Rob Davis says:

      If the Fire TV 2 did HDR, it would be superior to the Cube and FTV 3, but it doesn’t… it’s not. :)

      • LTM says:

        There’s more to superiority than just HDR. It’s the entire package and what you want out of it, which to me means Ethernet built in, a USB port built in, the fastest processor possible and a non-buggy product. In other words the Fire TV 2 which is a less complicated product, has everything I need built in without requiring extra wires, and doesn’t need some buggy voice control gimic that has more problems than it’s worth.

        • Rob Davis says:

          You’re right, really depends on what you want out of it. For me HDR trumps built in Ethernet and USB. A faster processor is definitely needed for FTV 3. Still, I prefer it over Fire TV 2 because of HDR.

  9. c says:

    I hope their remote has vol +/- and mute, and it has an ethernet port (all of these things w/o having to buy dongles or 3rd party snap-ons)

    • PendantPandemonium says:

      At this point I am happy about any new box FTV to replace this weird “pendant” with its weird name and weird concept that disappoints everybody, as it is neither a real next gen stick nor a next gen box – but expensive for what it is. Add the weird ethernet gadget for it and you end up paying the same as for the box before, but you get a weird and clunky setup dangling around like a wart on your nice TV, pulling on its HDMI port. I really hope they fire whoever came up with this “pendant” and give us a real Fire TV 3 (BOX!). Just a slim, sleek, little black box that sits there, has a friendly white LED dot, ethernet and USB and SD card ports.

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