Amazon Fire TV 3 and Fire OS 6 support sideloading apps like Kodi

For those wanting definitive confirmation, the new Amazon Fire TV 3 does allow sideloading apps like Kodi. Apart from a small issue with my Downloader app that has now been fixed, sideloading on the latest Fire TV running an all new Fire OS 6 is exactly the same as it is on other Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models.

The Fire TV 3, but more importantly Fire OS 6, has the same developer options that are necessary for sideloading apps as previous Fire TV devices. The only difference is that the Fire TV 3 does not allow ADB over USB like some other Fire TV models allow. This means that you cannot connect the Fire TV 3 to a computer via a USB cable and send ADB commands that way.

The “Apps from Unknown Sources” option allows users to easily sideload using other apps, like my Downloader app and file managers. The option is present and functions the same way as it always has. The “ADB debugging” option is also present and functional. This allows sideloading via a computer.

In addition to allowing sideloaded apps, the Fire TV 3 and Fire OS 6 display sideloaded apps alongside apps from the Amazon Appstore, just as other Fire TV devices do. If you’re having trouble seeing your sideloaded apps appear on the home screen, be sure to follow these steps.

  1. clocks says:

    Elias – safe to assume you will be doing some kind of review of the FTV3? I’d like your thoughts on how it compares to the FTV2 and the Mi Box(which is the same hardware except with a USB port). thanks

    • AFTVnews says:

      I never really write a traditional all-encompassing review of Fire TV models and I don’t plan to do one for the Fire TV 3. There’s simply too much that I dig into to put it all in one review. I’ll instead be writing articles about individual things I discover that I think would be interesting to know about. After I cover most of what makes it different/unique to the other Fire TV models (e.g., working on an article about this OTG support now) I’ll probably dive into performance comparisons.

      You can find all current and future Fire TV 3 articles here:

  2. FT says:

    Removing the SD card slot might be killing sideloading. The FireTV 3 removed the SD slot and the updated Fire OS 6 firmware has new permission built in for apps that require storage access. Without the SD slot it gives an error when loading apps and denies them to run. If anyone has a workaround or has experienced this themselves? I’ve run into this with a few that have been sideloaded.

    • DR says:

      Use Apps2Fire on an Android Phone. It’s the easiest way I’ve found to sideload apps to a Fire TV.

    • Paul says:

      Fire tv 3 is an upgrade on the fire stick 2
      New fire tv out soon with alexia built in

      • FT says:

        Agree, I’ve come to the same conclusion. My biggest problem with this is that they’ve discontinued the old fireTV2 to sell these. They should have waited until the cube came out to stop selling the old ones. But these are just an upgraded verson of the fire stick, not a replacment for the FireTV box

  3. Dave says:

    Since the Fire TV 3 is supposed to support content recording, I’d be interested in knowing what that experience is like for you and how this device actually handles the recording. Thanks!

  4. Wire says:

    I can’t side loading stb emulator, permitían deny. Any one Knows how to allowed?

  5. AndyH says:

    Anyone tried sideloading t*** TV and if so do they get permission errors ?

  6. Ryan says:

    Connect to fire tv sideload my backup of kodi and other files gives me sd cars does not exist or can not access

  7. Wire says:

    Anyone make stb emulator to work on fire tv 3?

  8. WiL says:

    I’m getting an error message saying check my URL while trying to download kodi on the amazon firetv 3

  9. Glee217 says:

    Btw can apk’s be sideloaded to the fire hd 10?

  10. Borodin says:

    I am having terrible problems with the new firetv. ADBLINK cannot connect to it and it just says ‘Problem’ whereas the appstofire apk gives me a message that it cannot connectto my ip address because of
    Error such file or directory)

    If anyone else has experienced this and knows a solution then I would be most grateful.

    • Zerolokz says:

      Same here bro i cant seem to figure it out ..same exact message

      • Borodin says:

        Hello there,
        Think I may have stumbled across the answer my friend. There is an app installed called ‘Downloader’ if you go into the settings menu of that there is an option called ‘Allow Java Script’ or something like that which is set to disable by default…you need to enable that then switch the TVFire off and back on again. Hope it works for you…

      • Borodin says:

        Just heard from the Appstofire people…they realise there is a communications error connecting to the new FireTV and are working on a new version to solve the problem. I told them about my Adblink solution so maybe they will be sorted soon as well. Happy Days !

  11. Gary Leadbetter says:

    has anybody actually got past the permissions issue on fire tv 3rd Gen
    no matter how i install side load or not applications like eir-owners IPTV or stbEmu pro the storage permissions say deny.#not allowing the app to write to disk

    • Gilligan says:

      Am also trying to solve the permissions to storage problem. Can sideloaded apps all day long but worthless if can’t get around the storage permission. Had to get a new fire tv in bedroom and use Twilight blue light filter (as I did on old fire stick) but no workie. Help!

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